Which E-bike Is Best For Long Life?


Electric bikes are an improvement on traditional bikes, with the provided features aiding even the laziest riders. It is by no accident that the popularity of electric bicycle and how they can enrich our lives is on the rise. Ebike sales skyrocketed recently beyond what has ever been sold before. Uncomfortable and noisy trips in vehicles now tend to be avoided by many for the fresh breeze riding on an e-bike provides. 

However, there are still e-bikes in the market with poor qualities and features that appear durable. Some of these lowly ebikes are so poorly oriented that even though they are not built to last, they still don’t serve the user well while in use. It is best to arm yourself with the knowledge to guide you when choosing an e-bike that should last you a lifetime. This will help you avoid losing your money to valueless products. Curious? Keep reading.

How To Identify  A Durable E-bike

The quality of the ebike you use will affect your entire riding experience. A durable e-bike can mean the difference between enjoying your evening rides and giving up on e-bikes completely. In learning how to make the right choice in durability, some aspects of the e-bike require that you pay attention. These aspects will guide you in choosing the best electric bike for long life. They include:

  • The Battery Range

When acquiring an electric bike, you need a good idea of the battery range. This is simply because the range of the battery indicates how long it will serve you before needing another charge. An electric bike built to last will include a battery with enough juice to power your trips and battery life to last a long time. Your ebike battery should be able to provide at least 25 miles of range and 1.5 years of battery life. 

A typical Himiway fat tire electric bike battery can provide about 50 miles of range and a 2-year warranty on battery life, accommodating all your long-distance requirements. With proper handling and care, you may not eventually experience any problems in the long run.

  • The Motor Power

Manufacturers who make quality products pay great attention to every detail in the process. The motor power is one detail that cannot be missed when creating an electrical bike meant for longevity. A powerful motor usually indicates quality, and the brand name provides the confidence to act on this. However, meeting your requirements for an electrical bike of higher motor capacity without any strain on the motor or ebike solidifies the product quality. 

A quality electric bicycle should be able to provide a motor with up to 750W capacity to generally ensure that you can ride uphill as conveniently as you want. High motor power is also necessary to bear the pressure of the payload and heat generated from battery use so that you can enjoy more long-range rides.

  • The Charger Power

This may seem strange, but that is because it is such an obvious one. Sadly, many still get roped into buying supposed “quality” e-bikes accompanied by a terrible charger from the manufacturer. But think about it, would you spend all your time and resources creating a product only to find a cheap alternative for its only power option? Exactly not. It only makes sense that a shoddy electric bike is equipped with a dubious charger. A quality ebike will possess one strong enough to top up its energy in the shortest time possible.

Check the physical quality of the charger and then find out how long it takes to complete charging. Anything under 10 hours is good enough. Anything above that and you may need to find a replacement bike quickly so you don’t waste your time between charges. 

  • The Tire Quality

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers of quality products are only able to achieve it through a dedication to painstakingly approaching every aspect of the product to ensure perfection. Basically, no great manufacturer would like for your only wheels to become compromised when you are in motion. A quick way of identifying an electric bike of poor quality is by its tires. Low-quality tires like these are easily prone to wear and tear from road conditions. 

Himiway electric fat tire bikes are equipped with tires built solidly to provide maximum grip and traction for any road surface. No road is too slippery. Check out our fat tire e-bikes that can still provide motion in snowy and muddy conditions, especially the Himiway Cobra which has the biggest tires in the market. 

  • The Frame 

An e-bike’s frame and structure are crucial to ensuring it can support your and your cargo’s weight. It may even be possible for you to exceed the payload capacity with an ebike frame of high quality, although this is not advised. A sturdy frame can sometimes be identified before getting on the bike and taking a ride, although it is probably not enough to carry you if it feels frail. Hold the frame at any point convenient enough for your hand and squeeze to see if it will reflect on the pipe. If a hardly noticeable indentation begins to appear on the surface, move on and try checking another bike that will be more suitable for your requirements. 

Himiway e-bikes are built from high-quality 6061 aluminum with unrivaled longevity. A high-quality frame such as this ensures your bike does not develop faults from exposure to rough weather. With a frame strong enough to support your weight while absorbing any pressure generated from it, your long-range riding is secured. 


If you intend to buy an e-bike, it is good to have an idea of how long you intend to use it. You may not get to reach the set time due to boredom and other factors. However, to have a shot at all, you need a durable ebike that can retain and probably outlast your interest in the sport. Durability is an indication of quality in an ebike, with top-notch products usually coming from the best manufacturers using some of the latest and best technology and materials.

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