Who is John Barrett Wife? All the Details You Need to Know!

Who was John Barrett?

John Barrett was a celebrated celebrity hairstylist, known for his transformative works with A-list names like Princess Diana and Martha Stewart. Born in Limerick, Ireland, he began his hairdressing journey in London during the 1970s. After venturing to Los Angeles, he built connections with influential figures in the editorial and Hollywood realms. In 1996, he opened his iconic salon inside New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman building. Beyond hairstyling, Barrett was celebrated for his radiant charm, wit, and genuine care for those he encountered.

Was John Barrett Married?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest John Barrett ever married. The information about his life, despite being extensive on his career, does not hint towards the presence of a spouse. Barrett seemed to prioritize his illustrious career in hairstyling and possibly opted to keep personal details such as his marital status private.

John Barrett Children: Did He Have Any?

The details regarding whether John Barrett had children remain an enigma. Despite his highly publicized career, Barrett chose to keep certain aspects of his life, including potential offspring, under wraps. This choice reinforces the allure of his personality and speaks to his commitment to maintaining certain boundaries in an industry often bereft of privacy.

What is the “Bergdorf Blonde”?

The “Bergdorf Blonde” is a signature shade coined by Barrett during his tenure at his salon inside the Bergdorf Goodman building. This hue became emblematic of his artistry and is still sought after by many wanting to replicate the signature Barrett touch. It represents his unique contribution to the world of hairstyling and his innovative approach to beauty.

How did John Barrett die?

The world mourned the loss of Barrett at the age of 66. The cause of death, as confirmed by close friend Julianne Jaffe, was blood cancer. His passing was deeply felt throughout the beauty community, prompting tributes from around the globe. His commitment to his craft combined with his vibrant personality ensured he left a legacy that won’t soon be forgotten.

Why was John Barrett famous?

John Barrett’s fame was not just limited to his exceptional hairstyling skills. He was known for creating transformative looks for global icons, and his charm and genuine care for clients set him apart. His ability to infuse charisma and authenticity into his work, his dedication to his salon, staff, and clients, and his innovative approaches in hairstyling made him a standout figure in the beauty industry.

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