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San Jose Police Union Arrested – All the Details You Need to Know!

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This article about San Jose Police Union Arrested will provide information about the aftermath Segovia’s arrest.

Segovia was taken into police custody on 13 March 2023 after a parcel she had been carrying in Kentucky was found and labelled to her.

Segovia is who? What’s in the parcel? What is in the parcel that led to Segovia being arrested by authorities? Segovia’s arrest was widely reported in the United States. People were eager to learn more. To find out more, read this article about San Jose Police Union Arrestedtill death.

Why was the arrest made?

Joanne Marian Segovia was arrested for mailing a parcel to her name. People were interested in the details of the case and its aftermath. Segovia has been operating a chain for Smuggling at home since many years. She is responsible for toxic substances such as Valeryl fentanyl which she received from many different countries.

Receiving and giving the substance is not legal accounting according to the laws. She was arrested by the authorities on the 13th of March 2023. One of her packages had been checked and her name was attached to it. She was taken into custody and will be subject to further formal actions. The spokesman said that she would be held in prison for up to 20 years. However, the official announcement has yet to be made.

Fentanyl Exchange- What’s the reaction of Segovia and colleagues?

Joanne was the executive director of the California police department during her time. She is currently 64. People are giddy about her and trying to understand how she could have been involved in such an incident. The revelation shocked many officers including matt Mahan and Sean Pritchard. They stated that she isn’t the same person she used to know. During her time at work, she contributed many good works as an executive, including donations to nursing homes, children and those in poverty. They were shocked by her actions. Segovia has not made a statement and is still silent throughout the investigation. You can take a look at the social media section and twitter link for more information on the Segovia case.


Segovia was arrested by the authorities on 13 March 2023. Since then, her supply chain of toxic substances has made her the talk of town. For more information about Segovia’s story, please visit the link.

What were your reactions to Segovia’s deed? Leave a comment below.

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