Remove Background and Change Image Backgrounds Using Fotor

In this digital age, editing images is now an essential tool for everyone. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, users want their pictures to look perfect. The most frequently employed technique for editing photos is to remove the background or alter the background of an image. Although there are a variety of tools and software available to do this, Fotor stands out as an efficient and user-friendly tool to help you achieve the desired outcome.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is a photo editing tool that is available for download. It is a full-featured photo editor that comes with various options, such as filters, editing tools, frames, and many more. It is easy to use and accessible from any location that has an internet connection. One of the major benefits of using Fotor is that it is accessible as a web-based application as well as a mobile app, which means it is available across any device.

Remove Background Using Fotor:

Fotor is a powerful online photo editing tool that allows users to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from their photos. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer, Fotor’s intuitive interface and advanced technology make it easy to remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos and create stunning images.

With Fotor’s background remover feature, you can remove the background of any image with just a few clicks. Simply upload your photo, select the “Remove Background” tool, and use a brush to mark the areas you want to keep or remove. Fotor’s advanced algorithm will automatically remove the background from your image, giving you a clean and transparent background.

The best part about using Fotor’s Background Remover is that you don’t need design or photo editing experience to get professional results. Fotor’s AI technology does all the hard work for you, making it easy to create eye-catching images that are perfect for social media, websites or marketing materials.

With Fotor, removing the background from an image is an easy procedure. Here’s how to accomplish this:

 • Step 1: Upload the Image

The first step is to upload the image that you wish to remove the background from. You can drag and drop the picture onto the Fotor interface, or click the “Upload Image” button to upload it directly from your device.

• Step 2: Fotor gets to work

After uploading images, Fotor’s AI background eraser will remove background from picture automatically and instantly.

• Step 3: Manually adjust the background range to be removed

After Fotor’s “AI Background Remover” has completed its automatic work, you can still manually adjust the areas that need to be erased or restored. You can also choose whether to blur the preserved parts of the background.

• Step 4: Save the Image

After you have removed the background, save the image as a PNG to retain its transparency. Alternatively, you could also save the image as a JPEG file in case you wish to substitute the background with a solid color or an entirely new image.

Change Image Background with Fotor:

Changing the background of an image can be easily accomplished using Fotor. This feature is especially useful for those who want to add creativity to their photos or change the background to suit different occasions. The latest version of Fotor includes a very interesting feature that automatically generates and changes backgrounds. This allows you to have more background options and reduces your work time, increasing efficiency.

Here is how it works:

• Step 1: Upload the Image

As before, you must first upload the image you want to change the background of. Click the “Upload Image” button on this page.

• Step 2: Fotor’s AI System Works Automatically

Click the “Upload Image” button to upload the image you want to change the background of. Fotor’s tool automatically removes the original image background and applies a new background for you.

• Step 3: Choose a New Background

Fotor can generate various backgrounds for you through its built-in AI background generator. You can choose a new background from Fotor’s collection of backgrounds or upload your own background image. If you decide to upload your own background image, make sure it is in a format accepted by Fotor (PDF, PNG, or JPG).

• Step 4: Save Image

Once you have made all the necessary adjustments, save the image as a brand new file. Click the “Download” button to save your product pictures. JPG, PNG, and PDF formats are available.


In conclusion, Fotor is a great tool for removing backgrounds and changing backgrounds for images. It is a user-friendly and effective tool that can help you achieve the desired outcome with ease. With its array of tools and features for editing, Fotor can be used to edit your photos for a variety of reasons such as the removal of backgrounds, altering the background, adding filter effects, and much more. With Fotor, changing the background of your photos has never been easier or more convenient.


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