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Tractor-trailers can easily weigh up to 80,000 lbs. and have enough force to smash a car quickly. A stressed or worn-out driver combined with that kind of weight is a formula for disaster. Fatigued truck drivers frequently make critical errors or don’t react appropriately to crises. When this happens, they can — and ought to — be held accountable for their mistakes. However, the trucking firm may also be liable for the truckers’ weariness.

Following a catastrophic truck accident, injured accident victims frequently experience uncertainty and impairment for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, litigation involving truck accidents is difficult. Therefore working with a fatigued truck driver accident lawyer in Chicago is advisable. They understand the plethora of potential crash causes and the intricate federal regulations relevant to the trucking industry.

So, who may be responsible for fatigued truck driving accidents in Chicago?

Truck drivers.

Truck drivers are responsible for their conduct and are expected to avoid driving while fatigued. Many truckers consume over-the-counter stimulants, which may also impair their driving ability. They might be tempted to use drugs to keep awake or as sleep aids, and both of these classes of drugs can impair reflexes, judgment, and driving.

Approximately 30% of truck drivers worldwide admit to using amphetamines, which can increase alertness but doesn’t improve driving and can impair it. Regardless of the reason for the collision, if the truck driver’s conduct contributed to it, they are equally responsible for the damage they inflicted.

Trucking firms.

Trucking businesses have been known to pressure their drivers to drive without stopping for rest in violation of FMCSA standards. There are instances when truckers believe they must meet impossible deadlines to keep their jobs. 

On the other hand, some businesses set deadlines without considering traffic patterns, probable accidents, or construction delays. They may establish unrealistic timelines, increasing the likelihood that drivers may engage in actions that cause accidents. These actions include speeding, working long shifts without breaks, or even going against Federal regulations.

Instead of the hour, some truck drivers get their pay by the mile. They can run into financial trouble if they don’t strive to make up the time if an accident, heavy traffic, or construction delays them. As a result, they might drive faster or for a more extended period than recommended by Federal rules.

Additionally, truckers who do not engage in interstate commerce are not required to follow federal regulations. Instead, they must adhere to state laws, which in Chicago are less strict than federal law.

Consequently, they are responsible for the accident and the damage they brought about.

Truck manufacturer

In some circumstances, the accident may have been partially caused by the trucking manufacturer. Even though they do not contribute to truck driver weariness, if a defective item causes the collision, they are still partly responsible for the accident and the resulting casualties.

Final words

You should seek a fatigued truck driver accident attorney if you believe fatigue played a part in an accident. They can investigate the case and hold the liable party accountable.

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