Why choose to study in Australia?

Australia is a popular study destination for many students, attracting thousands of students from different countries and cultural backgrounds every year. Why so many students choose to study in Australia? If you want to know that, just read on. This article will tell you the main reasons for studying in Australia.

1. Perfect teaching system

Australia has a complete education system. There are nearly 40 universities and more than 300 technical colleges in the country, and some of them enjoy a good reputation in the world, such as the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Melbourne.

The quality of Australian education is world-renowned, and it is one of the countries with the highest level of education in the world. University graduates are vying for employment by various companies and institutions in the world.

Australia’s major schools not only have an attractive and challenging academic environment, but also provide a wide range of high-quality courses for students to choose from. If you want to get these courses, you can search via Course Finder.

2. Complete educational facilities and strict teacher requirements

Teachers in all colleges and universities in Australia have received higher education and specialized training, and they generally use advanced technology and equipment such as the Internet, CD-ROM materials, multimedia equipment, and laboratories in their teaching.

At the same time, a flexible teaching method is adopted to enable students to cultivate their interest in learning through teachers’ lectures, group discussions and self-study, and to enhance their self-confidence, autonomy and analytical thinking ability.

Australian colleges and universities have complete teaching equipment. In addition to libraries, they also use modern information teaching methods, including computer teaching and Internet teaching, so that students can acquire and master the latest information technology in the world at the fastest speed.

3. Australia’s 2-4 year work visa, wins over the United Kingdom and the United States

To study in Australia, as long as you graduate with a bachelor’s degree or above, you can apply for a 2-4 year work visa with IELTS 4 and 6 points! Applicable to all majors!

Undergraduates will be able to apply for a 2-year graduate work visa, graduate students will be able to apply for a 2-3 year work visa, and a doctorate will be able to apply for a 4-year graduate work visa. During the working visa period, in principle, you can control what you do.

4. Moderate cost, short school system, high cost performance

Compared with Europe and the United States, the cost of studying in Australia is relatively low, and the academic system of Australian universities is more flexible. There are 1-2 years of different academic systems, and students can flexibly choose to study during holidays and take additional credits.

Although the tuition fees of Australian universities and the cost of living in Sydney and Melbourne are increasing year by year, this advantage of Australia is gradually shrinking, but the average cost of living and tuition in Australia is still lower than that of the United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition, Australia has a salary subsidy. Of course, if you still feel that the cost of studying in Australia is too high, you are worried, and there are benefits that can reduce the cost.

The legal minimum hourly wage in Australia is a very attractive benefit whether it is a job or a part-time job in Australia. The study abroad party holding a student visa can all enjoy the right to work.

In a word, compared to other countries, Australia has a higher level of education and more prestigious schools. Compared with the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia’s study abroad fees are relatively low, so it is an ideal choice for studying abroad.

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