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Difference Between MIS and ERP

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Such solutions are designed for business management, financial management and resource planning. They allow you to optimize the operation of the enterprise. They facilitate accounting and improve communication with customers.

What is MIS

Medical Information System (MIS) is a system for automating key business processes. They are associated with the activities of medical institutions. MIS allows you to optimize and build the processes of document circulation. It maintains interaction with patients, laboratories and doctors. It automates administrative and accounting tasks, control the economy and management within a medical institution.

The medical information system solves the following tasks:

  • collects a patient database. In MIS, you can manage a large layer of information about patients, laboratory results, doctor’s prescriptions and diagnoses. The information system contains medical records, extracts, outpatient lists. This information is stored in a database. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time of the day, with access to it. Based on this, MIS eliminates paperwork. It reduces the time spent filling out paper documents and saves on paper purchases;
  • automates and unifies information. In the medical information system, all data are unified. The information is entered into the database according to a single template. This avoids confusion and greatly saves time searching for data, documents and statistics;
  • analyzes and processes data. MIS has modules – auxiliary tools. They allow you to analyze and process data entered into the database. For example, you can get an analysis of income and expenses, the average time for a patient examination or information on the most demanded services. All this is in the form of clear and intuitive graphs and tables;
  • allows you to properly allocate time and resources. In the medical information system, information from all branches of the clinic can be integrated into a single database. It contains work schedules and the workload on medical personnel and doctors. Thus, with the help of MIS, it is possible to correctly distribute patients to different doctors in different departments. It helps to avoid overloading certain doctors and queues.
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What is an ERP system

Now let’s define erp and compare with mis. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP-system is a complex solution for business management. Such information systems allow storing and processing large amounts of data.

Typically, a software product consists of a core, basic functionality, data management tools, and several modules. It is designed to create a single cycle and allows you to cover all key processes in the company. It includes budgeting, supply chain and inventory control.

Thanks to an integrated approach to automation, the implementation of BAS ERP or similar ERP systems allows:

  • combine all business processes of an enterprise within one program;
  • promptly receive data on the company’s activities;
  • control the work of all departments;
  • simplify communication between departments;
  • to plan the material needs of the enterprise;
  • monitor transactions;
  • reduce operating costs;
  • simplify communication with customers.

Consequently, the introduction of ERP-systems in the enterprise can significantly improve the economic performance of the business.

How ERP systems differ from other applied solutions

Consumers tend to confuse ERP systems with programs designed to solve specific business problems. These are such as accounting. Unlike such applied solutions, ERP allows:

  • create a unified working environment for the entire enterprise;
  • integrate databases of all divisions of the company;
  • automate all business processes.

Another advantage of ERP systems from software development company is their versatility. The product can be used in enterprises of any industry.

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