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Why is Barrie the perfect place for you to move in 2022

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Are you planning to shift? Many people consider moving to a new city at one point or another. Some move to find better career opportunities others go to get settled. Irrespective of the cause, there are several things to consider before shifting. Let’s start with the city where you can move to in 2022. One of the available options can be Barrie. 

Barrie can be the perfect place for you to settle in 2022. There are many Barrie pre-construction homes on sale at affordable prices. This article will state some of the features that make Barrie a perfect place to move this year. We will also highlight some ongoing housing projects for those looking for one. 

Reasons to Move to Barrie 

Beautiful City

Barrie is a beautiful city that sits at the shore of Lake Simcoe. The waterfront in the city is worth watching. Sightseers from all around the world come to observe the matchless charm of Barrie. A park or hiking trail will not be too far wherever you purchase new construction homes in Barrie. Moreover, there are art galleries, museums and astonishing sculptures for you to visit. 

Developing Economy 

Barrie’s economy is developing and expanding. Over the past decade, the metropolitan has experienced sustained industrial growth. As a result, when looking for a pre-construction townhouse in Barrie, you won’t have to worry about job opportunities. Leading economic contributors include the automobile sector, metal production, processing, and equipment manufacture.

Entertainment & Adventure  

You will always have something engaging to do when living in Barrie. The city offers a diverse range of entertainment and adventure opportunities. You can go and witness the remarkable beauty of waterfronts. Besides that, several fun festivals are going on in the town over the summer. You can also visit MacLaren Art Centre, see the wide spirit catcher, or head to an ice hockey game. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you can go boating, fishing, and skiing in winter. 

Low Crime Rate 

Barrie has the lowest crime rate in Canada. Moreover, the community is diverse, friendly, and family-oriented. Thus, you got nothing to worry about if you plan to move there with your family. Purchase suitable pre-construction townhomes in Barrie and start a new phase of your life. Your children can walk to school, play in a nearby park, or you can go on vacation without any tension. Your home and belongings will be the same as you left them. 

Affordable Housing

The real estate industry of Barrie is quite promising. You can easily find pre-construction condos for sale in Barrie at a reasonable price. You can also find a single-family home, townhouse, or detached home within your budget. For real estate investors, the likelihood of profit is satisfactory. That is because property prices have been increasing for the past few years. Thus, Barrie can be your city if you are looking for a long-term investment. 

Some Ongoing Housing Projects in Barrie 

  • Hewitt’s Gate, Mapleview Drive East & Yonge Street, Barrie, ON

Builder: Pratt Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status
Condo, Townhouse & Single Family HomeCondominium & Fee SimpleRegistrationPre-construction


Hewitt’s Gate is an excellent opportunity for everyone looking for pre-construction homes in Barrie. It is a condo, townhouse, and single-family home development project. Its builder is  Pratt Homes, and it is currently in pre-construction. 

  • 405 Essa Road Condos, 405 Essa Road, Barrie, ON

Builder: Sean Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status


405 Essa Road Condos is an amazing condo development project. Its builder is Seam Homes, and it is currently in pre-constrictions. Its location is 405 Essa Road, Barrie, ON. Here you can appreciate a quality of life and all the latest amenities. 

  • GO Towns,  Mapleview Drive East & Yonge Street, Barrie, ON

Builder: OPUS Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status


Go Towns is ideal for families planning to move and searching for a pre-construction townhouse in Barrie. It is a new townhouse development project by the famous builder OPUS homes. It is currently in pre-construction. You can appreciate an exciting life here as it sits at Barrie’s central location. 

  • Elements Condominiums, 723 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie, ON

Builder: Pratt Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status


Elements Condominiums is a new and beautiful condo development project by Pratt Homes. It sits at 723 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie, ON, and is currently pre-construction. Here you can appreciate the following facilities:

  • Waterfalls and Fire Features
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Custom art installations 
  • Indoor Gym above Foyers
  • Outdoor TracK


Now that you know the benefits of moving to Barrie, you’ll be able to make a better decision. The housing projects mentioned above are only a few. There are many other schemes under development. Thus, do detailed research if you have a specific requirement for new construction homes in Barrie. You will unquestionably be able to find your dream home without much hassle. 

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