Why is College Football So Popular?

Across the country, football has been the number one sport for many years. The excitement and the drama of the NFL have helped make it bigger than ever. Each year, millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl, and the action throughout the season helps keep sports fans enthralled. While there’s little doubt that the NFL is the main attraction, there’s also a huge fanbase for college football.

In fact, the latest figures show that college football is the second most popular sport in the country, behind only the NFL. Not only do millions of people watch the games, but college football betting is also extremely popular. In states that allow it, the number of bets on college games has been increasing every year.

What is College Football?

College football is the exact same sport as the NFL, but it’s played by student-athletes rather than professionals. You might wonder why anyone would want to see a bunch of students throwing and kicking a ball around, but the reality is that college programs take the sport extremely seriously.

In fact, many of the most successful student-athletes end up drafted into the NFL, with their arrivals greeted by much fanfare from fans. College ball essentially gives these athletes a chance to develop their game for the big league, allowing them to learn tactics and grow into the sport.

There’s some controversy over the sport, as these athletes aren’t paid for the games they play. However, they often receive college scholarships, and recently the law was changed to allow them to earn money from the use of their image, names, or likeness.

Why Do Fans Love College Football?

There are lots of reasons why millions of people enjoy college football, and while the NFL is still king, some people even prefer college sports to the professional leagues. Here are some of the reasons why.

Huge Rivalries

There are some big rivalries in the NFL, but they tend not to be taken as seriously as college sports rivalries. Most major US universities have big rivalries with other schools, and this is played out on the football field every season. There’s a lot of history behind these rivalries, and that makes them deeper and stronger than what you’d find in many professional leagues. The players and the fans all get behind their team when they’re facing a hated opponent, and that makes the games even more exciting.

College Student Fans

While colleges are a place for learning, they’re also a great place for young people to have a good time. Partying is extremely popular at universities, although some schools have a bigger reputation for it than others. A lot of college football teams benefit from these rowdy and raucous fans who bring a lot of energy to the stadium. These fans follow their team no matter what, and there’s a much stronger connection between the fans and student-athletes, considering they’re all peers.

Emerging Talents

While the NFL is home to some of the best athletes in the world, college football is a chance to see some of these players when they’re still developing their skills. It’s incredibly exciting to witness the creation of new stars, especially when you get to see them in the NFL years from now and tell your friends about how you used to watch them in college. While they might be a little raw, they’re still extremely talented and a lot of fun to watch.

TV Broadcasting

While the fans in the stadium are the ones making the noise, college football has also benefitted from broadcasting deals. Major games throughout the season are available to watch live on channels like ESPN and FOX, giving fans across the country direct access to the atmosphere and excitement of these events. 

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