Why is the TVS Raider 125 the best mileage bike in India?

The TVS Raider is not only a solid 125cc bike but also a credible rival to the likes of the well-liked Yamaha and Hero bikes. We still have a lot to learn about this vehicle’s characteristics, as the bike is filled with the features.

The Raider 125 sales increased by 129% year over year last month to 24,153 units from 10,553 units. The growth in sales shows that the Indian commuter sector likes this new TVS ride not mainly because of mileage but looks and features the bike presents at this price point.

This fantastic bike is a reasonably priced, feature-rich, elegant, and truly enjoyable motorcycle with excellent mileage.

TVS Raider 125 features and specifications that makes it unbeatable 

The Raider is crammed with features as well. Its instrument console’s negative LCD is one of the top favorites of many. It has every piece of information you could possibly need, including a tachometer, fuel gauge, and a display for peak and average speed. The TVS Raider 125 at Droom is released at a time when riding a motorbike, in general, is becoming exorbitantly costly, with poorer mileage, which has reduced purchasing power, and when the mere act of stopping at a gas station makes you angry and dissatisfied.

Additionally, there are indications for the start-stop mechanism and the chosen riding mode.

Here are some other reasons why the Raider 125 should be your next motorcycle:

  • The foot pedal is in the ideal position, and TVS has added a touch of sportiness to both with a tiny forward lean to the handlebar, ensuring that you maintain good posture when riding.
  • It is comfortable and easy to ride with less foot pegs ratio.
  • There is enough space for big bikers, and the twin seats are soft too. Overall, the seat height is comfortable
  • The layout of the available USB port, situated in front of the gasoline filler cap, is perfect and comes in handy. The spacious under-seat storage, and the interesting-looking brake lever are other features.
  • The most important and interesting element of the bike may be the new LCD display, offering a ton of information like two trips, fuel economy, range, gear position indicator, and more.
  • Twin seats add to the aggressive charm and go perfectly with a few fashionable LED brake lights.

The bike is worth all the money you are putting in, making a likable approach to many Indians. This bike could be the future of Indian commuter bikes. 

What is behind the frame?

TVS Raider 125 features a new engine created just for it. Additionally, the machine has an innovative heat management system that uses exposed fins under the clutch cover to cool the oil. It also provides an option for a costly and intricate external oil cooler.

The Raider is also the first TVS motorbike with an inbuilt starting generator, which enables it to start silently without making the usual beginning motor noise. The ISG also makes it possible for an engine to shut off on its own if it has been idle for a time.

What makes it better than other 125 cc commuter bikes?

The engine is exceptionally smooth at all speeds, and the degree of refinement is first-rate. This engine boasts the highest torque in the segment, and the actual performance is also reasonably excellent.

The acceleration seems robust for the category, and the trademark TVS zippy exhaust note is present as well.

With peak power arriving at a low 7,500 rpm, the motor is also relatively tractable and doesn’t mind traveling in fifth gear at speeds as low as 35 kph. The bike is perfect to ride on the curvy street as well because of the smooth transmission and its accuracy. With 67kpl of mileage at this price range, it is undoubtedly attracting some attention.


Prices for the Raider 125 start from around Rs. 77,000 which is an outstanding deal. That also makes the Raider a less expensive than other 125 cc bikes, putting it precisely on the level with the comparatively sporty and young 125s like the Bajaj Pulsar 125 and the Honda SP 125.
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