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Why is there a craze for head shaving?

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There might be several reasons behind people looking to shave their heads. Some may be suffering from hair loss, or maybe someone is looking to achieve a badass look, like Jason Statham or The Rock.

Once you shave your head with Bald Head Razor, you can easily conceal your graying or balding head. This will make you look a couple of years younger. But although there are a couple of benefits of going bald, but still it remains a personal choice. While with a clean shaven scalp, some men may end up looking a little more handsome or rugged with enhanced self-confidence, but some might even feel a bit of insecure with that look.

Just scroll through to know some of the key benefits of making use of Electric Head Shaver for achieving a bald head and decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

The plus points of going bald:-

(1) Conceal Receding Hairlines: Hair loss is one of the biggest fear for most men. Once hair loss starts, you realize that your youth is fast fading. While older men who are above 40 years of age may expect some degree of baldness, but if a man who is just in his 20’s or 30’s starts experiencing baldness, it becomes really a matter to worry about. And hair regrowth products simply don’t work as they should besides being insanely expensive.

Instead of wasting your precious time trying to turn back the clock, it’s easier to own a Bald Head Razorand rock a bald look. This is not only a cheaper but also an easier look. So, hide the thinning hair in one go and give yourself an even masculine look.

(2) Bring back your youth: With a bald head, many men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, starts looking a decade younger. The prime reason behind this is that both men and women associate baldness with toughness and masculinity. Every time you shave your head with an Electric Head Shaver, you actually increase the chances of people passing comments: – “You look younger”.

(3) Stay away from bad haircuts: Just imagine how you would feel when you are having a good hair and the local barber does a bad job on it. Or maybe you are going through such a hectic schedule that you don’t have even the time to style it in the morning. Instead of having a bad hair day, it’s always better to have a bald head.

Also, it’s not always possible to spend a huge sum on a professional salon stylist every time. Once you decide to go bald, you can free yourself from the tension of having to pay for a haircut yet still look stylish. This is the main reason why so much people are preferring to go bald these days. Just lift the styling burden off your shoulders.

(4) No more styling and washing: Just like shaving your face or washing your clothes, grooming your hair, shampooing, combing, and drying has probably been a part of your daily schedule for a long time. But, you can easily simplify the process, if you decide to shave your head. There is no doubt that dealing with a bald head is much easier. Just washing, drying and moisturizing is what at the most you can do for your shaven head.

(5) Save a lot of money: Unlike the yester years, nowadays, men are spending a lot on their hair. But, if you decide to go bald, there is no need to make a large investment, as you would only require a Bald Head Razor in order to accomplish the task.

Yes, to keep your head clean and well moisturized, you might require some conditioner or shampoo but that would definitely not eat a lot in your savings. Thus, shaving your head is always a cheaper option.

(6) Women will find you more charismatic: As mentioned earlier, bald heads are often correlated with masculinity and fearlessness. Bald men are always discerned to be more commanding and agreeable. According to researches, they are perceived to be 13% stronger and 6% stronger when compared to others. These qualities are bound to be seen by women in bald men. So, just grab the opportunity in both hands and stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of shaving your head, why are you waiting for? If you are really concerned about thinning of your hair, or about the receding hairlines, get hold of an Electric Head Shaver, from a trusted seller and relish a charismatic bald look in the days to come.

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