Why Should You Consider Migrating from GoDaddy To Microsoft 365?

If you are still using GoDaddy move to office 365, it is time to start considering how to move your domain name to another provider. 

If you want to grow your business with an integrated suite of software that offers single sign-on and simple data access, Microsoft 365 is a fantastic choice. Office 365’s scalability makes the prospect of growing your enterprise as your employees can easily access data on a Cloud Virtual Desktop Server whenever they want. For instance, you can immediately grant access to your existing email accounts to a new office or instantly add fresh staff to your business software.

While getting a Microsoft 365 tenancy through GoDaddy allows your business to buy Microsoft services, it also determines your business’s access to some of the essential features that come with Microsoft 365 if you buy it from Microsoft. As a result, your business may suffer if these crucial elements are not included, especially when utilizing their full potential would only slightly raise user costs.

Migrating from GoDaddy to office 365 might change how employees connect, their data, and other crucial information if your company wants to develop and thrive. As previously indicated, the capability of the whole Microsoft Applications suite has been remarkably improved, most notably through access to high-end Power Platform solutions (including full access to Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI for that slightly elevated price).

GoDaddy’s Version Of Microsoft 365 Is A Bad Business Decision

Microsoft could have done a more suitable job when it came to creating its own Office 365 versions for GoDaddy. I am still determining how they hope to generate funds from their new Microsoft 365 for GoDaddy, which is a disgrace.

Typically, we would compare specialties side by side, but there is little to compare. So regardless of how you consider it, the GoDaddy version of Microsoft 365 is a poor business choice.

  1. Although GoDaddy 365 is an incredible service, you should know its restrictions before enrolling. Microsoft Business plans are the only ones supported by GoDaddy 365. Plans at the Enterprise level cannot use it. There are exclusively 300 users per plan as a result. Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is beneficial as you can easily enhance your plan size and have access to enterprise-level features like more significant storage space, better backup options, and more capable reporting tools.
  2. Microsoft 365 is more costly when purchased via GoDaddy. They provide renewal rates 50–130% greater than Microsoft’s when purchasing straight from them. For instance, the annual price of GoDaddy Business Professional begins at $107.88 before increasing to $191.88 after the first year. This package is in line with the $150 per year Microsoft Business Standard.
  3. Microsoft does not host the MS 365 tools provided by GoDaddy. They were created for small businesses and are operated by GoDaddy. As your business grows, you’ll need additional services, so don’t be surprised if you need to update them or add extras. GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365 does not include Power Platform, Power BI, Dynamics, or any other Microsoft 365 capabilities. You can only get these tools by switching to Microsoft; even then, you can encounter difficulties.
  4. The GoDaddy interface is made for companies with little to no IT expertise, unlike the Microsoft 365 admin portal, which is for firms with more advanced IT professionals. The GoDaddy Office 365 admin portal is a condensed, tool-limited version of the Microsoft 365 admin portal developed to make administrative chores easier.
  5. Utilize a Microsoft Gold partner to help you traverse the complex licensing options instead of attempting to work out the intricacies of Microsoft’s licensing options. This will ensure you obtain the best features and pricing for your firm’s needs.


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