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You Season 3: Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Spoilers And What Will Happen Next?

Given how popular You is, there is no doubt that a season 3 would come eventually.

So let us do a quick recap on what occurred onYou For quite some time, the show and actors had given us the false pretense that Joe had murdered his ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) which is a completely fair assumption for the particular behavior he is revealing in the show.

From the next chapter of the film, once the protagonist was introducing himself, Will Bettelheim, he had not just fled from Candace but also attempted to kill his girlfriend Guinevere Beck, which had been played by Elizabeth Lail and her best friend in the film, Peach Salinger, played by Shay Mitchell.

Joe/Will also got himself a new job at another publication store. He was on a mission to seemingly attempt to demonstrate that he never killed someone and trusting he could redeem himself. This mission has a great deal to do with the way he’d put sights on a new love interest on a different woman, Love Quinn.

However, this is where it gets interesting. The series had revealed a shocking twist that turned the film on its heels, having despised proven to be worse compared to Joe. With her great love for the show’s lead, she was planning on murdering Candace and Delilah to save her relationship.

Enough with all the recaps. So what will we’re expecting in year 3? Can they still continue the hype and get us moving? Let’s see.

You Season 3: When Is The Release Date?

Though an official launch date hasn’t been announced just yet, Netflix did declare that seeing the Season 3 of You, expect it will arrive at some point in 2021. Netflix also said that filming had started ever since February.

What Will Happen Next? Warning: Spoilers Below

We were really given some answers currently in year two of You such as what did actually happen between Joe and Candace and Candace reported that she had an”unfinished business” with Joe we were left mountains of questions that needed answering.

Like what we mentioned, it was Love who killed Delilah, Joe’s neighbor, and his ex-girlfriend, Candace.

In one massive event, the whole idea of the series was flipped upside down. Joe has put in the perspex box the very same situation that he had put Beck at the very last episodes of season one. Surprising? Yes. Revolting? Absolutely.

If you’re able to still remember the last episodes of year two, Joe revealed that he had had his slate wiped clean’ from the”Quinn Machine”, wherein such, he allowed himself off the hook for the crimes he had committed.

In a meeting with Caroline Kepnes from Entertainment Weekly, she said some teasers on which really lies in a shop in her second book, which will affect the series in this way. She stated, “Joe is so proud of himself since a lot of people in his place descend into darkness after being through what he has gone through in book two and then at the beginning of book three,” and she also said that,” he decides that he’s going to be a better man and he is very proud of himself for that.”

In a different interview under Entertainment Weekly, Patrick Gamble who also manages the show said that he also has”a lot of questions about Love’s mum who is incredibly in the film at the conclusion of the season, like how much she actually knows about her kids”.

With this statement, we can already smell a glimpse or even a hint that for the upcoming events and season of it, we will be visiting more and more of her.

However, despite putting up on his feet again, Sera Gamble, however, stated that there is a point where Joe’s luck would then run out. “The most important thing about the last scene is just its confirmation that Joe is still Joe in a means that is not likely to be good for Joe.” In reality, she stated that Joe has not yet learned to stop looking for another individual to cling to his hopes and dreams. She explained that in season three, “things will not move well for Joe.”

Where Will Season Three Be Set?

In season two, the series had moved to LA that Penn Badgely had stated had a huge influence on the show. In a meeting with Penn using Digital Spy along with a couple of different media, he said that he recalls this sort of query with Greg Berlanti. According to Greg, the series can be set anywhere anytime, and the series would still work. He said that he can place the series in Hawaii and it would get the job done.

Badgely even slipped and said”Maybe that will take place in the fourth season? I’ll keep my fingers crossed”

Where Can I Watch You Season 3?

If you’re referring to what program or what channel, well essentially, since you can watch You season 1 and two on Netflix, then You season 3 will definitely be on Netflix additionally.

And in the event that you can’t find any trailer concerning the series, that’s due to the fact that the movie hasn’t been decided on what date to be published, and if you haven’t been informed, trailers usually move out a month before the film premiere, so once you know the date, you’ll have better knowledge about it.

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