10 Best Travel Apps for Android & iPhone

You have arrived at your destination….” This familiar message always brings relief, especially after a long trip in an unfamiliar place. Travel applications have ushered us into a new previously unimagined era, where traveling and exploring have never been easier. This is thanks to many of them that have been developed and continue to be developed. They come with different functions, each aiming to simplify a particular aspect of travel. From giving directions to showing locations of attractions, the future of travel is brighter than ever. With the advancements in technology, it can only get better.

There are many apps you can use for travel but in this article, we are going to discuss ten of the best of them. So tighten your seatbelt and let’s look at the 10 travel apps that made it to our list. All these applications are available for download for both Android and iPhone. Just open the app and search for Honolulu car rental under 25 and boom just like that you will look at offers from the various car rental companies. 


This app is an all-in-one. It shows you landmarks on your route, attractions, and even places to camp. You can even create an itinerary for your trip using it.

It has pre-made road trip guides. It’s not for free and the pro-version costs $29.99.

National Park Service

In case on your trip you want to visit a National Park, this is your go-to app. You can use it to search for any National Park and get information on what you can expect to see, activities you can do, and all information about the park that you may need.

You can also go on a self–guided tour of selected National parks using its self-guided tour feature.


This is a hiking app. You can get information on all nearby hiking trails, with detailed descriptions of their ratings and directions to them.

AAA Mobile

For AAA members this app helps you book roadside assistance and even accommodation all at a discount. It also gives you information on gas stations nearby.

Rental24h app

This is a car rental app that helps you find car rental offers near you to compare prices and identify one that best suits you. With the many USA car rental companies available it is your go-to app when you want to find the best deal.

Let’s say you are planning on visiting Hawaii and you are to land at Honolulu airport and want to get a car rental from the airport. But not sure of something like say the Young Drivers Fee because you are under 25. 


For all your entertainment needs while on your trip, Spotify has you covered. It’s a music streaming platform that has just any kind of song you might think of. What would a road trip be without music?

Guides by lonely planet

This is an app that replaces guidebooks for all the cities you will want to visit. It guides you on where to find restaurants, hotels, and attractions in the city you are visiting. It has information for more than 8,000 cities around the world.

The app charges $4.99 for one month’s use.


GasBuddy is an app used to compare gas prices on the route you intend to use. You just add your final destination and the app gives you all the gas stations on your route, their prices, and the distance from where you are.

The Dyrt

This is an app for camping enthusiasts. It will help you greatly in planning where you can camp if you are a camping person.

It shows you all the campgrounds and RV parks in an area and assists you in the booking process. Its pro version costs $2.99.


For a road trip person, this is a must-have app. Especially a group road trip. It comes in handy in splitting costs for the road trip. It helps you split and share costs like gas money and other expenses of the trip.

Advantages and disadvantages of travel apps

Let’s now look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of travel apps.


  • Search quickly the places around you and gives you their reviews.
  • They are fast
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can give you estimations of the distance and time you will need to reach your points of interest
  • Can give you alerts in the form of notifications in case of changes or even discounts.


  • You need internet access to use them
  • Free versions may contain many adverts
  • Some can be expensive to use if you are not a frequent traveler
  • They may not be suitable for confidential information


Mobile phone apps and especially travel apps have changed travel as we used to know it. Their convenience and ease to use have been game-changers. From maps giving you directions to car rental apps, you can now estimate distance and compare prices for cars for rent from the many USA car rental companies, all by phone. It surely can’t get better than this. On your next trip download a few that can help you enjoy this new era that is upon us.

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