The Importance of Lift Truck Training?

Lift truck training is the basic knowledge and skills required to operate a truck efficiently and safely. In this article, we will discuss the importance of lift truck training and why drivers need to take the training, If you’d like to know more about boom lift hire head over to Allstar Access Hire.

How important is the Lift Truck Training Program?

Research and studies show that over 40 % of accidents are related to forklifts, and around 25 % of the fatalities result from a forklift collision with a surface. To drive a forklift, a driver requires expertise and knowledge of the equipment. The driver also needs skill, so he can safely drive the forklift. Here are a few reasons why forklift training is essential: 


Safety is the main factor and can affect the company’s performance. If there are a few forklift-related accidents, then production increases. When a company hires certified forklift drivers, it reduces the risk of injuries and mishaps in the workplace.

Law Compliance

OH&S has reported that most forklift causalities in a workplace are due to ineffective safety programs, collision, shift loading, and tip-overs. The agency recommends companies establish the candidate’s skills to power the forklift effectively and ensure competence.

Cost Saving

While forklift accidents can cause serious injuries, that is usually not the company’s only concern. These accidents are also expensive because they can result in damage. For example, even if the accident causes small damages, over time, they can become serious problems and raise production costs. 

This is the reason why a forklift driver needs to be skillful in handling the vehicle to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Reduction in Injuries and Accidents

If a driver learns to operate a forklift in a workplace properly, he can reduce accidents and injuries. However, operating and driving a forklift is a complex process, but once you know how to operate the vehicle, you can ensure safety. When you drive a forklift, please ensure you comply with all safety practices and keep this in mind: 

  • Determine potential hazards
  • Proper and careful handling of heavy loads
  • Maintenance of forklift stability during the operation

What is the Lift Truck Training Program?

The lift truck program is a course that typically depends on your knowledge of how to operate a forklift. The course usually focuses on experienced or novice operators who want a refresh. 

For newcomers, the course covers the basic forklift operation guide, such as hydraulic controls, operational skills, loading of products, navigation skills, and inspection procedure of the mechanical parts.

The course is based on the rules and regulations established by OH&S, and toward the end of the course, operators are taught how to operate a forklift safely. Once the candidate passes the practical and theory evaluation, they are awarded a certificate that certifies that the candidate has passed and completed the course.

Those who want to do this course need to know that the course focuses on the latest legislation and regulations. Safety experts will examine the operator’s practical skills and ensure that they are ready to take on the responsibilities and duties of a forklift operator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Lift Truck Training Course?

For many staff and managers, training is a difficult balance. The company loses productivity when your job is to operate a forklift, but you are involved in a training program. However, if the operators don’t undergo proper training, they won’t be able to operate the forklift effectively.

For the sake of the company’s budget, productivity and safety, it is essential that your operators spend a significant amount of time in the lift trucking training program. Typically, lift truck training courses can last about 1 to 2 days. The duration of the course depends on many factors, such as

  • Delegate numbers and experience level
  • Equipment type

Main Elements of the Lift Truck Training Course?

Even more important than the duration of the course are its elements. Typically, the lift truck training course consists of three elements, which need to be satisfied by the company before the operator is allowed to work. Here are the elements:

Basic Training

Basic training, also known as foundation-level training, is essentially for lift truck operators. This step will prepare the operators to operate different lift trucks. This part of the program is offered by an external provider or done “off the job” with the help of a highly qualified instructor.

Familiarization Training

This lift training truck program step takes place under close supervision and on the job. This enables the operators to practice what they have learned in the course in normal conditions.

Specific Job Training

This step of the course is delivered off the job by the company and is tailored to meet the employer’s needs. This step is crucial, as it allows the operators to gain an understanding and knowledge of the lift truck. This step is important, as it will help the operators get comfortable with the equipment and learn how to use the lift truck daily.

Is it Tough to do the Lift Truck Training Course for Students?

If a student is interested in becoming a forklift operator, then the training course is not for them. People can also take the training course from different places, such as community colleges or vocational schools that offer the program. 

If you start this training course as a student, the instructor will first teach important safety-related and equipment-driving skills. For the most part, the students will learn the fundamentals of the lift truck training program, such as the applicable safety procedures and the OH&SOH regulations. This part of the training will be held in a classroom. 

In the next part of the course, the students will spend time in the workplace and participate in different training exercises. The students will also operate the lift truck under the instructor’s supervision.

Do all Truck Lift Operators need to be certified?

A certificate is required for an operator to get a job, and it is usually against the law to do the job without proper certification. Before getting a job, it is also mandatory evaluation and proper training for operators.

Truck Lift Safety Regulations in Canada?

The forklift rules and regulations established by Canadian law are found in a varied and large number of industries. The main objective is to move different materials by lowering, raising, removing, or transporting various containers, pallets, crates, and boxes of different sizes.

MOL (Ministry of Labor) is in charge of conducting inspections and ensuring that companies are following truck lift certification standards. The goal is to increase awareness and advocacy to prevent fatalities, injuries, damage, and industrial accidents. MOL focuses on lifting vehicles for proper maintenance and regular inspection.

Training records are also inspected to see if the company is incorporating the lift truck training course in safety and health programs or not. The implementation of the safety standards is carried out by CSA (Canadian Standards Association).


This article discussed how important it is for companies to conduct the lift truck training program. We also listed some reasons why lifting truck training is essential. In the FAQ section at the end of the article, we answered several queries related to the lift truck training program to give you some much-needed clarity.

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