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Hire an SUV in Liverpool: Pros and Cons

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Going to Great Britain, it is essential to take care of the method of travel and the vehicle.

Upon arrival at the airport, many car rental companies offer rental vehicles of all classes and configurations. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of SUV car hire Liverpool.

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SUV hire

Choosing an SUV will be the best option if you need a powerful and roomy vehicle.

An ideal choice if you need a large vehicle for a comfortable drive on country roads and a smooth highway ride.

These vehicles have a roomy trunk, and passengers can accommodate up to 5 people. The only disadvantage of such cars is high fuel consumption and rental price.

Car hire in Liverpool: pros and cons


A variety of rental cars

No matter what your budget is if you want to rent a car to travel comfortably around the city or country. The important thing is that there is a desire.

A lot of companies with good offers are always going to meet their customers. Their database has many budgets, mid-range, and premium car options.

Inexpensive SUV

If you are interested in Car hire in Liverpool Airport inexpensively, you have to:

  • book one week in advance;
  • rent on weekdays (always with discounts);
  • book long-term (weekly rentals are cheaper than daily rentals);
  • book during discounts and promotions.

A friend at the Wheel Service

If you rent an SUV, you can share it with another person traveling with you. And this option is free.


The cost of renting an SUV can vary. It often starts from £24 per day. But there is another positive aspect. The price is significantly reduced if you book a rental car for one week. The monthly rate of an SUV is £726.


Documents needed

Even though booking a car is fast enough, there are some disadvantages in preparing for the rental, which may not please you. Below are the documents that you will need to have with you. In the absence of any of the documents listed below, the company may refuse to rent.

  • A voucher to rent an SUV in a printed version.
  • Domestic driver’s license.
  • An international driver’s license is accompanied by a domestic one, which is always needed.
  • ID card along with a photo.
  • Availability of a credit card.

Extra payment for young drivers

In addition, about renting an SUV to young drivers, there is a special rule that applies to everyone:

The minimum age for car renting at Liverpool Airport is 20 years old. To rent an SUV to young drivers, you must familiarize yourself with the company’s terms and conditions for renting to young people, and also be prepared to pay an additional rental fee. The latter rule applies to drivers under the age of 25.

Credit and debit cards

Most companies refuse to accept debit cards when you rent a car. Most accept credit cards. The latter is necessary for reinsurance by the company in case of an emergency to compensate for damages.

A specific model

There is an option to order a specific make of car. This service is carried out if this model is available in the company’s database. If you want to rent a particular model that is not in the database, the company can offer you a car similar to your desire. This nuance should be taken into account.

Common ideas

Before renting a car of a specific class and options, look through the offers of all companies offering their services and compare prices. You can determine the best of the best companies by rating and customer reviews to be sure of their reliability.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to car rental companies. But, the pros prevail over the cons, and if you desire to spend your time traveling comfortably and at your pleasure – car rental is the perfect option.

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