11 Trending Online Video Makers for 2021

Who likes reading long texts nowadays? If you have to understand something, then the chances are that you would visit YouTube and see a video instead of opening a textbook. That’s just how impactful a video is. And if social media has taught us anything, it’s that people respond to good videos. Check out Intro Maker to see different video templates that you could use in creating great introductions for your videos. 

But why do people prefer videos over text? The answer is simple: to save time and to understand something in the shortest period. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, or the CEO of Apple, videos will be a crucial part of whatever message you are trying to send across. 

But not everyone can be a video editor. And the chances are that you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring people or buying equipment to develop a good video that markets your brand to the consumers. 

So fret not, for we have arranged a list of 11 best online video makers through which you can edit and customize your videos according to your convenience and which will have a direct positive impact on your audience and sales.

1. InVideo

Who wouldn’t want a personalized and professional video in just a matter of minutes? Using InVideo is free and super easy since you can make videos in different languages as per your audience. Moreover, this video editor provides you with many features, be it adding music or cropping videos, to bring out the best in you. What’s more is that InVideo comes with 4000+ handcrafted templates, 3M+ standard media, and up to 60 video exports each month so you can bring out the best of your creativity. 

2. Movavi 

If you think you have a creative mind, then Movavi is for you. It’s super intuitive, and its super-easy interface lets you finish a video in just 20 minutes. Oh, and did we mention that it comes with stunning titles, transitions, stickers (and much more!), making your experience super fun. Got a shaky video? Movavi will stabilize it for you. Want to make your video informative? Use the picture-in-picture feature, which lets you insert a video into another video. The cherry on top, you can add voice-overs and different filters to bring life to your video.

3. Animaker

Animaker refers to itself as the “Swiss Army knife of creativity” and for all the right reasons. Build your custom character, bring them to life with a range of facial expressions, add voice-overs to watch them say it with auto lip-sync, and so much more that we cannot possibly cover. Animaker also lets you create GIFs and live-action videos with over 100 million stock assets and 1000 templates. With royalty-free music and hassle-free 4k video editing, Animaker is genuinely the future of video making. 

4. Adobe Express

Adobe Express user-friendly interface lets you turn your ideas into reality. With Adobe Express, you will have access to all of Adobe’s stock images, including Google Photos, Lightroom CC, Dropbox, etc. In addition, this video maker provides you with unbelievable layouts, themes, templates, and font designs that let you design videos, websites, graphics, or social media posts exactly as per how you want them to look. So whether you are just getting started with video making or doing it for years, Adobe Express doesn’t discriminate. 

5. Kapwing

Kapwing provides you with a ton of tools that make video editing a piece of cake. Whether you want to trim/crop your video or perhaps add audio or subtitles, Kapwing is a one-stop-shop solution for all your video-related needs and requirements. Even if you don’t know how to use a particular tool, Kapwing provides you with a detailed description on how-to-use the said tool. If you are not so tech-savvy and are new to video editing, Kapwing is your go-to video editor. 

6. ClipChamp

From customizable video templates to stock footage to audio mixing, ClipChamp is the complete video editor that we can think of. Why do we say that? ClipChamp provides you with a wide variety of video editors, video compressors, webcam recorder, screen recorder, etc. With such tools and features, all we can say is that ClipChamp lives up to its name, and you will get the hang of this editor in no time. 

7. Explee

If we had to describe Explee using one line, it would be “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Explee doesn’t beat around the bush. It encourages you to create a video using their “whiteboard animation,” which conveys a clear and concise message to the customers. Use Explee’s 6000 images to create something out of nothing, followed by adding a few transitions (maybe throw in a few comic elements? Who doesn’t love a comic) and sound effects, and voila, you have a video that you can cater to masses and draw everyone’s attention. It’s no surprise that companies like Apple, Google, and IBM use Explee to demonstrate their ideas and products to their customers.

8. Animoto

Select a template of your choice, followed by adding a few pictures, videos, and music of your own, and Animoto will convert it to be a beautiful slide show in the form of a video. With the help of “drag and drop” functionality, making videos from scratch seems like child’s play. Moreover, you can customize your videos with colors, fonts, transitions (and much more) in such a way that your customers will be astonished. Whatever the project be, Animoto provides you with all the essential tools that help you tell your story. 

9. Magisto 

Whether you want to create Facebook ads, or maybe make a great marketing video, or perhaps generate new Instagram followers, Magisto empowers you with tools powered by A.I. through which you can create magnificent videos in a matter of minutes. In addition, Magisto recently partnered up with iStock, which provides you with millions of high-quality video and image options at your disposal and helps you visualize your story as fast as writing a blog post. And the best part of all Magisto provides you insights into your audience’s viewing behavior which can help you determine why viewers stopped watching your business videos. 

10. Biteable

Want to build studio-quality animations with the same tool used by companies like Disney, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more? Biteable is the answer. Used by marketers, HR professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs, Biteable can help you make irresistible ads, promos, video pitches, and presentations for a wide range of needs. The best part? No experience is required to build stellar video content using Biteable. Use one of the many templates offered by them to start building your video.

11. Masher

At $2.99 a month, Masher is one of the most affordable video makers on the market. It also comes with a 14 day trial period for you to try out their tools. You can use Masher to build videos for your business, events, and trips. The content is highly customizable, with the ability to include your music, photos, and special effects. After making your video, Masher lets you share the video directly on your preferred social media platforms and email it to other people.


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