17 Best Flower Gifts For Her To Show Your Love

Flowers are one of the most lovely gifts to start a romantic date, commemorate an anniversary, or wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day. They are a timeless way to show your love, appreciation, and admiration for the special woman in your life.

While most women love receiving flowers, choosing the perfect bouquet cannot be easy. With so many flowers and arrangements to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect one. But there are also some alternative flower gifts such as flowery bracelets or a Valentine’s day rose bear which we will get into our list of gifts & you can also include preserved flowers in a list of gifts because these are long-lasting flowers & easily available at

This list of the 17 best flower gifts she loves will help you make the right choice. Our flower arrangements range from roses and tulips to lilies and orchids, so there’s something for everyone!

The Power of Flowers as a Gift

A few things can boost your mood, like coming home to a vase full of fresh flowers. Flowers have been shown to impact our mental health positively, and they can even help us relax and reduce stress levels.

But the benefits of flowers don’t stop there. Studies have also shown that the best flower gifts can boost our creativity, increase our resilience in times of adversity, and improve our memory and concentration.

Moreover, if you need a little boost to your productivity or just need to feel better, surround yourself with beautiful flowers.

You are also spoilt for choice in terms of colours and different types to choose from. Each kind of flower symbolises something unique and has a different smell. You can stick with her favourite ones or simply combine different flowers to give her the perfect bunch.

Best Flower Gifts for Her to Show Your Love

People have used flowers as a form of communication for ages across all countries and eras. When floriography was extremely popular in Victorian times, the use of flowers to communicate coded messages truly took off.

Even today, flowers are the ideal way to show your girl how much you love her. These are some of the best flower gifts to give your girlfriend.

1.   Special Black Roses Bouquet

The rarest and most exceptional roses are the black ones. You can give these wonderful gifts on special occasions to her. Black roses are difficult to find, therefore giving one as a present will have a different effect on your love.

Moreover, giving a black rose bouquet can symbolize various things, including the beginning of something new, a significant change, or your affection. Black Roses are also ideal for someone who isn’t too concerned with the traditional gesture of love of red roses, and they look wonderful when combined with lovely dry wildflowers too!

Overall, black roses are a lovely gift that will look beautiful for any lady. It will also signify the extra effort you have made as they are very hard to get hold of so the perfect symbol.

2.   Rose Flower Bear

Rose flower bears are one of the best flower gifts and classy touch on a beloved romantic tradition. If you are looking for a rose bear for valentine’s day, you will have many colours to choose from apart from the classic red. It is made up of these endearing little bears, individually handcrafted from synthetic roses.

When you wish to express love to your sweetheart, roses are typically bittersweet. They are incredible to look at for a couple of days but begin to wilt and lose their aesthetics. A rose bear gives all the charm of a rose without its ephemeral character. They will last forever and don’t need any maintenance at all. These gorgeous little bears are hand-crafted gifts that can be decorated as a reminder of your enduring affection.

3.   Elegant Floral Necklace

The flowery necklace is yet another one of the best flower gifts. This gift may be real or artificial, but I’d wager that the artificial one will last longer than those crafted with fresh flowers. You can give this as a gift to show your love on any occasion, like a birthday or anniversary.

When you want something to hang onto, a floral necklace will fill your girl with plenty of pleasant energy. On the other hand, flowers are commonly given to women as tokens of love and gratitude.

Overall, what lady doesn’t love jewellery! Combine it with the flowers and you have the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

4.   Flower Vase Gifts

The gift of flower vases is another thoughtful gesture to show your love to your girlfriend. Of course, these are also options for gifts. These may be little flowers or more typical flowers.

It is one of the unique ornamental gifts you can give with any flower. If your lady can use it occasionally with silk flower arrangements, it will depend on the interior design of her house or workplace.

Overall, this is a thoughtful option that will please any flower enthusiast. If your partner or wife is known for loving flowers then a nice vase will be appreciated. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from so you will not be short of choices.

5.   Flower-Inspired Tiaras & Hats

These days, flowery tiaras and hats are in style. They also make the best flower gifts and will melt your girlfriend’s heart. You can make these either artificially or naturally, depending on what you want to give her to show your affection.

Overall, this is an option if you are open to making gifts by hand and have a bit of a creative side. You can combine various different flowers including any of her favourite’s ones and make her feel like a princess. It’s very thoughtful and shows you have put and effort into your gift.

6.   Unique Dried Flowers Bouquet

Although fresh flowers, especially roses, are the traditional option for Valentine’s Day or any romantic event, there is little to say about thinking beyond the box. For example, her favorite dried flower bouquets from any flower shop are one of the best flower gifts for her to show your love uniquely.

Various vibrant hues, frisky plumes, and feathery stalks are available in these flowers, instantly transforming a room. As a bonus, these arrangements require little care because they don’t require water or light.

Overall, these have a beautiful look especially when combined with a nice flower vase. When these are arranged, they thicken up and fill the vase looking much fuller. They do have a lovely smell as well so will keep the area smelling nice.

7.   Forget Me Not Bouquet

Your girlfriend’s bouquet will look more peaceful and tranquil with the addition of forget-me-not. Despite their tiny size, the meaning of these little blooms is deep. Forget-me-not flowers represent true love in floriography.

They also convey that “I could never forget you” and “I’m eternally dedicated to you.” Blue is the most popular color, although pink forget-me-not also symbolizes faithful love.

Overall, these are a sentimental gift to your loved one that have a very deep meaning. They can also be incorporated with other flowers as well to take them to the next level. You can enjoy these all year round instead of waiting for them in the garden so another fantastic reason to buy these.

8.   Daffodils Bouquet

Daffodils symbolize hope and the coming of spring. Daffodils are a lovely flower gift to brighten your girlfriend’s day, but they may not be the best choice for a romantic date night bouquet.

You can send flowers to your loved one as a romantic gesture. In flowery Victorian language, these cheerful flower bouquets can also convey sentiments such as “you’re the only one for me” and “you make the sun shine for me.”

Overall, Daffodils are always known for as being very pretty and lovely to look at. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your partner and can be combined with various different flowers.

9.   Flowery Bracelets

Beautiful flowery bracelets are another one of the best flower gifts for her to show your affection. Your girlfriend will undoubtedly adore wearing floral bracelets. These can be made with real flowers or artificial ones to help them last longer. I think you should value the one produced with actual flowers more.

Overall, similar sentiment of you can’t go wrong with jewellery when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones. Flowery bracelets are a pretty addition to upgrade her look along with its simplicity and elegance. You can also personalise this to her favourite flowers or even combine it with something like her initials or her star sign.

10.               Galaxy Rose Dome

The beautiful galaxy rose dome is also one of the best flower gifts for birthday as a romantic gesture. It won’t ever wilt and eventually die.

The rose flower in the glass dome is flawless. It will show your endless love for your girlfriend and elegance and is as full of eternal hope and loveliness as a rainbow.

It’s the ideal complement to her office, living area, or bedroom. The lovely Beauty and the Beast-inspired dome serves as a table lamp to bring fresh energy into her bedroom.

Overall, if your partner loves space and has an interest in stars, then this could be a perfect option for her. These look amazing in the dark when they are lit up.

11.               Rose Tree Lamp

Give a present with everlasting beauty that will stay forever. The majestic rose tree is the ideal gift for her if she enjoys bright colors and roses. A present that will last forever and that no one will ever forget can evoke emotions and a warm embrace.

The distinctive beauty of the rose tree lamp may capture your lady’s attention. She can arrange the delicate branches and flowers in any way she wants because they are all completely adjustable.

Overall, another pretty gift that will have her smiling when she sees the colours and cosy lights. The light is also very soft so won’t bother you at all and is a nice subtle touch on her table. Can be used as a main light but also great as a cute decoration for the room.

12.               Red Tulips Bouquet

Historically, red tulips have been linked to romantic feelings. In Victorian times, giving red tulips as a present was a powerful expression of affection. Your sweetheart will undoubtedly adore the red tulip bouquet. You can even embellish them with various colorful flowers.

The star-crossed lover’s legend of Persia is the source of the flowers’ romantic association. A princess’s family plotted a series of lies to keep them apart when the princess fell in love with a common stone cutter.

They both executed themselves out of frustration, and blood spattered the ground. The red tulips that blossomed here ensured the couple’s eternal union.

Overall, red tulips have always been a great way to show how much you love her. They represent deep feelings of passion and love which will be appreciated by any women that you give this to. They are considered by many as the prettiest flower in the world and will go a long way to bringing her smile out when she sees these.

13.               Orchid Hanging Planters

A classy way to express affection and care for your sweetheart is with orchids. These exotic florals are one of the best flower gifts for wife because they reflect beauty and sophistication. Red orchids represent emotion, love, and gratitude, while pink orchids stand for gentleness.

Orchids, with their various shapes, make interesting indoor hanging plants. Their lovely flowers will give your lady’s house a splash of color and class.

Overall, if your partner loves her flowers then you can go wrong with indoor hanging planters. Combine these with orchids and it will transform any space in your home. It will bring out a smile every time she sees this and these also smell amazing as well.

14.               Beautiful Peony Box

The peony is yet another flower symbolizing love. Chinese bridal bouquets and boxes often feature the peony because of its significance in Chinese culture. The flower serves as China’s national symbol and is important to celebrations and customs like Lunar New Year.

Peony is the English translation of “most attractive” in Chinese. Send a box or arrangement of peonies to your loved one as a way to declare your love and tell them they are the most attractive person you know.

Overall, these are wonderfully fragrant and bright choice of flowers. You can’t help notice the delicate petals as soon as you see a bunch of these in front of you. They are known for symbolising love and romance so it’s the perfect gift to give to her to express your love.

15.               Handmade Floral Card

One of the best flower gifts you can send your significant other to express your love and concern on any occasion is a handmade floral card. You can also personalize these cards based on your lady’s favorite flowers. Additionally, you can write a love letter inside the card and print it out.

Overall, everyone loves a thoughtful, handmade gift. It requires more effort and shows your dedication to make her something unique. A handmade floral card does this perfectly as you can choose her favourite flowers and leave her a wonderful handwritten note that she will read as soon as she opens the card.

16.               Elegant Daisy Bouquet

For girls, daisy bouquets are a common flower gift. They’re wonderful flower varieties to buy for a lady of any age if you want to send a reasonably priced and charming bouquet. However, the colors of the daisy are the prettiest among these well-loved blooms.

There are many daisy bouquets to choose from, and each one is arranged similarly. So, everyone’s favorite workplace flowers are pink, lavender, yellow, and white, but what color daisies are most in demand?

With the current statistics on flowers, it is difficult to say which ones are better. Choose what you like or her favorite color if you’re unsure about what flowers to get your girlfriend or wife from the daisy area.

Overall, the daisy flower has always been considered sacred and also symbolises love and beauty. The flower consists of two flowers that are blended together to show harmony. It also represents childbirth and motherhood so you may need to be careful before buying this for your partner.

17.               Teddy Bear Bouquet

Teddy bears and flowers are among the best flower gifts for your love.  This pairing is adorable and conveys your love for her. No matter how big or small and soft the teddy bear is, women seem to enjoy receiving them with a bouquet and a plush teddy. The long-stem flowers with teddy bears are their top choice.

Overall, what lady doesn’t love a teddy bear! They always bring great memories for her and her childhood and combined with some of her favourite flowers, it will for sure brighten up her day.

How to Keep Flowers Fresher for Longer

It may take many steps to guarantee that you enjoy your flowers for a longer time and use any flower food.

Firstly, look for bouquets still in the bud because they will mature more quickly, and you can watch the petals open. Then trim the stems of your flowers by several inches to assist them in absorbing water. Every few days, replace the water, and at that time, clip the stems by 1 cm.

Before placing the flowers in the pot or vase, remove any leaves that will rest under the waterline. If left unattended, they may grow mold and color the water.

Finally, display them away from heaters and direct sunlight to prevent them from drying out too soon.

Bottom Line

The best flower gifts described above are just a few ways to give someone flowers because flowers may reflect your feelings. These options are wonderful and fascinating beyond belief, and I do not doubt that the recipient would adore the idea of getting flowers. Take some suggestions and use them to brighten someone’s day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which flower most symbolizes love?

Popular culture believes the “flower of love” is a red rose. The red rose represents strong feelings and desires. Red roses are mostly presented as gifts to express love, but they’re not the only flowers that may claim this honor.

Peonies, sunflowers, and tulips are examples of other sorts of love flowers that signify joy, fortune, and affection.

Q: What flower symbolizes joy?

Yellow flowers are generally in style. Because of this, most yellow flowers represent joy in some way. If you want to make someone smile, yellow lilies, yellow tulips, yellow daisies, and yellow chrysanthemums are excellent alternatives to sunflowers.

Q: Which flower is more romantic than roses?

Lilies have traditionally been linked to beauty, innocence, love, and loyalty. These bulbous blossoms on lengthy stems could serve as a sweet reminder of your devotion to your partner.

Q: What does sending flowers to a girl mean?

The traditional way for a man to express his true love for a woman is through flowers. Flowers are given in a variety of forms to express affection. As a result, receiving flowers from a man is a strong sign of their love for her.

Q: What makes flowers the ideal present?

Flowers are lovely, significant, heartfelt, and, most importantly, appropriate for every occasion. They can brighten anyone’s day and put a smile on their face no matter what the situation, whether it be for happy events or more solemn ones.

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