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2 easy ways how to dry clean only curtains

The standardized test rule for cleaning curtains is not the same as dry cleaning only. But sometimes it is not practical to clean without knowing the steps or best practices to adopt and, as such, it is necessary to adapt to make the climate conducive to the tents.

In this case of how to do curtain dry cleaning, we will give a detailed explanation that will guide you in dry cleaning only curtains.

You can also consider keeping the curtains dry and clean. You can try to do it yourself, as taking the curtain to the laundry can be quite expensive.

If you want to dry clean only the curtains and use the normal washing and ironing method, you run the risk of altering the appearance and nature of the curtain fabric.

You will learn the best and easiest method to dry clean curtains only if you wish to do it yourself.

Note: Only dry cleaning curtains require special handling to keep them clean and no methods can be used. If dried on the outside, fabrics attract a lot of dust to them due to the humidity (water) they contain.

These are the curtain dry cleaning tips besides this if things doesn’t work your can hire professional curtain dry cleaners.

Simple steps on how to dry clean only curtains


The following listed steps will guide you on how to dry clean curtains only, and a simple understanding of the steps will keep you informed on how to do it yourself.

Step # 1: Using the Laundry Machine

If you want to dry clean your curtains in a laundry machine, then you may have a laundry machine. You can also rent laundry machines that are also relatively easy to maintain and dry clean your curtains really well. Note that you are not washing curtain fabrics like the normal way to dry clean normal clothes.

Follow this process because common fabrics may be coloured and mixing them will only help the coloured fabric to colour the other (Curtain) – causing an alteration in its colour.

To successfully use the washing machine in dry cleaning only curtains, you need to put the curtain only in the washing machine and change the lukewarm water to cold or cold water. The reason is that cold water helps sink the detergent into soaked fabrics for easier washing.

Use a detergent or soap recommended for light fabrics only or curtains only when washing because regular or regular detergent contains reactive chemicals that can alter the texture of the fabrics.

And for curtains that have a line, you’ll keep the hem of the fabric where the line stops and wash gently.

This practice only tries to keep the line on the curtains. Wash the line down to the last line, then hang the curtain to dry or spread the fabric and let it dry.

Phase n. 2: Wash the curtains at home

In an attempt to answer “How to dry clean only curtains”, the method of washing fabric at home (do it yourself), is perhaps as effective here as the cost of hiring professional curtains dry cleaners can be expensive.

Surprisingly, this step is simple but tricky if you haven’t gotten the real guide on how to get started yet.

This step involves taking a basin (or whatever equipment you use to wash, preferably the tub) and filling it with cold water.

Pour the recommended detergent for washing curtains into the water only and mix. Take the curtain and gently place it in the tub and wash it as thoroughly as possible.

This action only helps to avoid the alteration of the colour or texture. Then, clean the curtain line: if your curtain has a line, gently avoid roughening the fabric, to keep its texture and make it look clean.

Gently wash the curtain lines from line to line.

Keep washing until you get an even wash in the fabrics. Hang washed fabrics/curtains to avoid creasing the curtains.

Pay particular attention to the type of detergent you want to use and check its recommendations before using it as this detergent can damage your fabrics.

For these tutorials, more answers have been added below for your understanding.

How to dry clean only the curtains without pulling them down?


If you don’t want to lower the curtain to wash it and are looking for a way to keep the curtain clean, use;

  • Vacuum cleaner to free the tent from dust
  • Brush for dusting off the tiny fibres of the tent
  • Shake the curtain to free it from dust.

Can I use a detergent for dry cleaning only?

The answer to this question regarding the “how to dry clean only curtains” topic is no. This answer is because regular detergent/soap has reactive content which can damage the curtain.

Can curtains shrink when dry cleaned?

Yes, the curtain shrinks when it is dried incorrectly and when the wrong soap/detergent is used to wash it, and as such, it gives the curtain a downside.

When should you wash the curtains?

Once you find that your curtains are dirty and offensive or pervasive, know that you need to wash them, however, at most twice in 4 months.


In this DIY article, we have discussed in detail how to dry clean curtains only. I hope that by reading this DIY, you have broadened your horizon. If you face any kind of issue book Hobart Clean Masters Services.

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