5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Padel Tennis Court from Reputed Manufacturer

Despite being a new sport, padel tennis has become popular, leading to an increase in demand. This trend has led to the emergence of manufacturers looking to cash in on it. Unfortunately, the lack of regulation in the Padel tennis courts’ manufacturing industry has led to an influx of unscrupulous manufacturers. Such manufacturers take shortcuts in an attempt to cut the cost of production, messing up the courts. Thankfully, some manufacturers are reputable, and here are why you should choose to buy the Padel tennis courts from them.

  • Superior Quality 

A reputable padel court manufacturer like Wahne Sport makes racquet sports courts of superior quality. This is because they use high-quality materials in the construction. For instance, the mentioned manufacturer uses hot galvanized steel, a premium aesthetic finish, all in a classy design. Such manufacturers also have a reputation for quality craft. They also comply with UNE-EN 10115 and International Padel Federation standards (FIP). This feature makes their courts most suitable because of their functionality and durability. When choosing such a manufacturer, you should review their official website to learn more about them before placing your order.

  • Expert Installation and Maintenance

Reputed manufacturers also offer expert installation and ongoing maintenance. These services are essential because installing the Padel tennis courts requires expertise and experience. This is because the material used requires special installation techniques. For instance, the tempered glass wall must be properly fixed to serve its purpose. The same applies to synthetic turf. In addition, the dimensions must be precise and compliant with FIP regulations. Therefore, the maintenance of Playground Surfaces is not something that can be taken lightly.

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions

The eco-friendly solution is also a reason to choose courts from the reputed manufacturers due to the rising environmental awareness. Such companies use recycled materials to build the courts, reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, they use water-based paints in the courts’ finishing to reduce volatile organic compounds. They also employ other sustainability practices like installing energy-efficient lighting and reducing the amount you use when playing on the court. Thus, choosing courts from such manufacturers promotes a clean environment.

  • Customization Options

Besides, trustworthy companies making racquet sports courts have customization options to give you a court that suits your preference. This feature gives your court and related items a personal touch. In addition, it can be cost-efficient because the manufacturer will use materials aligned with your preference. You can know if a Padel tennis court manufacturing company has this service through inquiry or reading reviews.

  • Long Term Warranty 

A reputed padel court manufacturer has a long-term warranty. In most cases, the warranty covers the frame and glass, each lasting ten years. The net lasts five years. Note that the warranty period differs among manufacturers. That’s why you should inquire about it before placing your order. The warranty is essential because it will save you from incurring additional costs should any components fail within the warranty period.

Like in other industries, the high demand for padel tennis courts has led to a rise in unscrupulous manufacturers. Such manufacturers use low-quality materials to make the racquet sports courts, jeopardizing safety and functionality. That’s why you should use the information you have read here and choose Padel tennis courts from reputable manufacturers.

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