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5 Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms

The beds are the most important equipment in every bedroom. However, it is also a space eating equipment, so some beds are not suitable for small rooms. When you need a bed for a small room, you need to dig deep into the furniture market. Because the traditional bed cannot fit in a small room or it may fit but occupies almost entire room which makes the room unavailable for other furniture equipment.

The single beds and double beds are common types of beds we use in our bedroom. In past few years, the furniture industry has been evolved so much and that’s why there are many new types of beds invented to meet the needs of families with tiny homes and small rooms. If you are looking for a space saving bed for small rooms then you have reached the right place. Also, you can choose a tv bed for your room that saves your room space and also make your room more attractive.

5 Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms

The traditional beds are available in two common sizes i.e. single bed for one person and double bed for two people, the double bed is also known as full size bed. But there are many types of beds that have an innovative design to fit easily in any small room. These new beds not only save the floor space but also provide a comfortable sleeping experience to the user. Here we provide some amazing space saving beds for small rooms and tight spaces.

#1. Convertible Chair

When you have a small room, you cannot add a large bed into it. In addition, a normal chair or recliner takes up the floor space all the time. So, what is the solution for these two issues is a convertible chair. It is a sofa-like chair that allows one person to sit at a time. Not only that, its convertible design allows you to transform the chair into a bed in seconds. So, you can use it as a chair during the day and change it into a bed at night. It is an ideal space saving bed for small rooms.

#2. Loft Bed with Desk

A normal bed takes up the floor space but does not provide anything except sleeping. Therefore we recommend you to buy a loft bed with desk and storage shelves. In a loft bed, the bed is lifted up at a certain height and underneath space has either a desk and shelves or empty space. You can use the desk for your kids to study and for your work projects on a computer/laptop. Based on your needs, you can select a twin loft bed or a full size loft bed with desk for your family.

#3. Bookshelf Bed

You may not know but there are bookshelf beds available in market. This type of bed includes a bookshelf on side and the bed nearby. It saves a lot of space and also provides convenience for people who love reading books right before going to sleep. The bookshelf bed also contains open shelves and drawers under the bed. So, you get a bookshelf, a comfortable bed as well as open shelves and drawers for storage purposes.

#4. Bunk Bed with Drawers

The bunk beds are a perfect solution for families with tiny homes and small rooms. You can buy a twin over twin bunk bed or twin over full bunk bed or full over full bunk bed based on your needs. In addition to twin and full size bunk beds, you can also buy a queen size bunk bed or king size bunk bed if you want bigger size. The best bunk bed for small rooms is the one that provides two beds and storage drawers without taking up much space.

If you want a bunk bed for more than two people then we recommend a full size bunk bed with trundle. The trundle bed offers a pull out design that allows you to pull the trundle bed out when you need it. The best feature of the bunk bed with trundle is that the trundle bed occupies floor space only when it is in use. When you don’t need the trundle bed, you can push to hide it under the lower bunk.

#5. Under Floor Bed

The under floor bed is a perfect option for small rooms with a raised platform. If you have a raised platform or want to make one then you should get an under floor bed. What makes it the best is its design, the under floor bed fits under the raised platform and it offers a pull out design. The bed works on casters and wheels, so you can pull out the bed when you want to sleep at night and push the bed back under the platform right after waking up in the morning.

Final Words:

In order to save space in a small room of your house, you can add any of the 5 innovative beds we have suggested above. We request you to measure the space available in your room before choosing a new bed for it.

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