5 Tricks to Fix Omegle Error Connecting to Server

This article overviews the complete information on how to fix “error connecting to server. Please try again” issue. If you are experiencing the same issue while accessing the Omegle website then you need to go through this whole post.

Omegle is a famous video chat websites that lets its users to communicate with millions of strangers all over the world. However, one of its frequent problems is server issue.

Recently, few users have reported that they are receiving Omegle error connecting to server issue while launching the Omegle. If you are one of them then keep reading this post till the end. 

Here, I have specified 5 different tricks to fix Omegle error connecting to server. Additionally, you will come to know causes of this frustrating error. 

Possible Causes of Omegle Error Connecting To Server

There are several reasons that can cause Omegle not connecting to the server issue. But below, I have listed down some of the common causes of it.

  • Accumulation of corrupted cache files in the browser. 
  • Faulty or Weak Internet Connection  
  • Omegle might have blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Due to Omegle Server Outages
  • Misconfiguration of Network configuration 
  • Your IP address might be suspended/banned by the Omegle.

Any of the above listed causes could lead to this Omegle connectivity error.

How To Fix Omegle Error Connecting To The Server Error?

These are the 5 basic tricks that can help you to resolve error connecting to server. Please try again. Just keep on implementing the given tricks and find the one that helps to fix this problem.

Trick #1: Check Your Internet Connection Stability 

One of the most possible reasons behind omegle error connecting to server is – Poor or Unstable internet connection. So, firstly I will suggest you to check the strength of your network connection. You can check the internet speed by visiting

If you find the network connection is slow or not stable, then try to re-connect your PC to a network or you can also bring a router close to the PC to solve this issue. 

Trick #2: Restart Your Router/ Modem

If omegle error connecting to server issue is caused due to network connectivity problem then restarting your router/modem can help you to fix this issue.

All you need to do is, unplug your router or modem for some time then re-plug them again. If this trick doesn’t help you to solve this error then simply move to the next method.

Trick #3: Clear the Cache & Cookies of Browser

There are some instances when a data stored in your browser gets corrupted that could often cause “Error connecting to server. Please try again” issue. 

You can try to fix Omegle error connecting to server issue by clearing the cache and cookies of the web browser you are using like – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.

Here’s how to clear the cache of Google Chrome:

  • Open your Google Chrome & click on three vertical dots.
  • Again, click on settings & move down to Privacy and Security > click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Now, you need to check “Cookies and other site data” & “Cached images and files” > click on “Clear Data


  • Restart your Google Chrome then open the Omegle again to check whether “Omegle unable to connect with server” error is fixed or not.

Here’s how to clear the cache of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox then click on three horizontal bars located at the top right corner.
  • After that, click on the settings then choose Privacy & Security on the left menu.
  • Finally, click on “Clear Data…” button that you will get under Cookies & Site Data opt.

Trick #4: Check If the Omegle Server Is Down

Sometimes, Omegle unable to connect with server due to the server problems. That means, if an Omegle server is running down or it’s under maintenance then you may receive this error.

If the problem is really caused by the server, then you can do nothing. You need to wait for some time until the server issue is solved by itself.

Trick #5: Use VPN

In most of the cases, Omegle not connecting to the server error occurs when the connected network has been restricted in your region. You can use a VPN to tackle this problem.

VPN will change a location of your country along with the network settings. According to some users, using the VPN allow them to use a website without any issue.

Bottom Line

Omegle error connecting to server is quite a common issue faced by the Omegle users. But the good news is that, this problem can be easily fixed by performing few basic tricks. 

So, whatever solutions have been listed in this article, keep on trying them until & unless your problem is fixed.

If this article helps you to fix Omegle error connecting to server issue, don’t forget to share your experience with others. 

Thanks for reading this post!

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