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5 Unconventional Valentines Gifts for 2023

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Love has no bounds, it is a feeling that cannot be replicated or feigned if it is true. Every day can be a celebration of love when you are with your loved ones but there is something about Valentine’s Day that makes any gift from your beloved ones special. Teens celebrate their love by gifting each other chocolates, plushies, and flowers while adults have a lot more gifting options open to them. In fact, 55% of adults across 28 countries celebrate Valentine’s Day officially. Premium dark chocolates, rose-infused perfumes, delicate pieces of clothing, gambling bonus vouchers that could be used on popular sites such as wetten.com US, and rich wine are options that return as recommendations every season. So let us make this season of Valentine’s unique with unconventional gifts, beyond the roses and flowers.  We have specially curated purely based on love and like love, it is not bound by gender or other stereotypes. 

Assorted Set of Skin or Hair Care Products

Skincare and haircare products have taken over the market and are the secrets to not only healthy skin and hair but also to a healthy mind. Skin and hair care products do not have any age or gender range and can be curated according to needs. Gifting a loved one an assorted set of moisturizers, serums, face masks, exfoliators, lip care, and hair products like a hair mask, according to their skin and hair type can show how you notice and care for the smallest things and this gesture will be appreciated greatly. 

Potted Plants for the Nature Lover

People who love plants are inherently sweet and good-natured and are great at caring for others. Therefore, these nature lovers deserve their own piece of nature and there is nothing better than a potted plant to add to their gardens. Each time they would water this plant, they will be reminded of your love for them. 

Streaming Site Subscriptions

If your loved is a homebody and a binge-watcher of movies, series, or other shows, gifting the subscription to their favorite sites would be perfect. Subscription to Netflix, Prime Video, or even Disney+ is a unique idea to try out this Valentine’s Day. Additionally, you can create a Spotify playlist with your partners’ favorite songs and dedicate it to them, playing the songs when you meet for a special occasion. 

Book Haul for the Bibliophile

For someone whose most treasured possession is the library of books they own and who loves sharing their immense knowledge with the world, nothing is better than getting books on a special day. Instead of age-old roses and chocolates, surprise your partner with books they love or get them an ebook subscription they will cherish. You can also gift them handmade bookmarks along with their favorite books, adding a diffuser as a cherry on top. 

DIY Presents 

There is nothing that can replace gifts made by hand, whether it be a clay animal, clay couple cups, woven mufflers, stitched initials, customized fragrant candles and phone cases, paper flowers, DIY gift cards, or baked cakes, muffins, homemade chocolates, or a full course dinner. Gestures like a massage session, gaming together, a mini picnic, or a simple movie session would also be perfect. 


You can try out anything you for this Valentine’s Day and do something extremely personal to you and your partner. The list here gives you some recommendations or things you can try to make your Valentine’s memorable.

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