Dale Cheney Obituary {Jan 2023} Who’s Dave Cheney?

This article describes the Dale incident and where people can find his details by reading Dale Cheney Obituary.

Who is Dale Cheney, and why did he jump from Bar54? Why did he jump from Bar54 Is he trying to commit suicide? What happened to him? Who was there to see him? What did the Bar members think of him? Did you receive any information? You can read the article below if you didn’t. It happened in New York, in the United States. People were shocked to see his death. To learn more, read Dale Cheney Obituary.

Who’s Dave Cheney?

Dale is the co-founder of the private investment fund. He is the father of three children and has been identified as a victim. Dale was killed after he fell from a New York City rooftop bar.

Dale Cheney died on January 25, at 6.30pm. His life was ended when he fell from Bar54 in New York at Hyatt Centric Time Square, 135 West 45th St. in Manhattan. Dale is 46 years old. Dale Cheney, a Darien-based T.street capital, started it in 2013. According to sources, Dale was thrown to the ground and declared dead. It was later able to determine that the death looked like suicide.

Cheney received a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard Business School. According to the LinkedIn page, he was a member of several boards. According to the website, Dale started working as an investment bank associate at Goldman Sachs in 2005. We don’t know the Parents details about Dale. After a period as an investor principal at Citicorp Venture capital, Dale was retired until 2013. According to the bar owners, the outdoor area will be secured by a statement.

Cheney is believed to have committed suicide one day after he had divorced Lauren Cheney. After requesting a divorce from his wife, Dale died. Dale is the father of three young kids. Their current home cost them $1.6 million in 2018. Their current home has a market net worth of more than $3.8million. Cheney, a father of three young children and a divorcing father, died one day after asking for a divorce from his wife. Two times in 2008, police were called to Cheney’s Upper East Side home to investigate domestic disputes. One of these conflicts was a result of money. They moved from Manhattan to Connecticut in 2010.

Chris Piralta, a park attendant, said that the incident caused a small bump and a boom. The incident happened at the intersection of several people. One woman came in the parking lot to report that someone had jumped.


Dale Cheney is the chief executive officer, managing partnership, and general partner of T-street Capital. American Highway’s Board of Directors includes him. T-street Capital’s General Partner is his role. He is also a member the Hyperlite Mountain Gear and That’s It Board of Directors. Here are some additional details about Dale, including his family and age.


Name: Dale L. Cheney

Age: 46

Wife: Lauren Cheney

Three children

DoD: January 25, 2023

Industry: Financial services


According to the investigation, Dale Cheney died after jumping from Bar54 in New York. His death occurred on January 25, and many suspect that it was suicide. He filed for divorce from his wife the day after this incident.

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