6 Recommended Guidelines for Moving During Covid-19

Just as in every other area of our lives, covid-19 has also affected the way we carry out our moving process. The moving businesses have been adapting to new rules that put the health of their workers and clients on top of everything and the people are also getting more cautious about their moving process.

If you plan on moving in the near future but you do not know if it is a good idea with the pandemic still going, then you have come to the right place.

Spraying electrostatic disinfectant covers surfaces evenly and thoroughly to kill germs and pathogens without any danger to people.

We are going to share with you some of the main tips to ensure that your moving process is a safer one and had no risks to your health whatsoever.

Following are some of the most recommended moving tips for the pandemic.

1. Choose A Reputed Company

A professional moving company will enforce every safety standard and their employees will be fully equipped with protective masks, sanitizers, and other such stuff.

The professionals like moving services Handerson NV have trained employees that work keeping the covid guidelines in mind and thus the risks of your family getting infected will reduce drastically.

2. Get Virtual Quotes

Now, this may require you to be extremely careful since the company will be viewing your house from your phone or laptop camera to give you an estimate. Virtual quotes are getting more and more popular since they save both your and the moving company’s time.

Getting a virtual quote will protect you from any risk of contracting the virus during the moving process and that is why you must consider it.

3. Greeting The Movers

Once your movers have arrived at your house, make sure they are wearing masks and protective gloves. After that you need to maintain a distance of about 6 feet as is advised by national health officials.

Do not get too close and avoid physical contact as much as you can once your movers arrive at your house. Give them enough space so that they are able to care for your stuff properly.

4. Keep Hand Sanitizer at a Close Proximity

Your movers need to have a constant supply of hand sanitizer and soap while they pack and move your stuff. Make sure to arrange for extra sanitizer so that it never runs out during the move and the process continues without any hiccups.

Ask the moving people if they will be bringing their own sanitizer or not so that you can save your money and trip to the local retail store.

5. Cleaning Your New House

Make sure to disinfect your new house before you bring your family inside. This way your house will be safer and you can rest and relax in it without any worry.

Use gloves while unpacking and throw the packing material out instantly after unpacking. The boxes and wrapping paper might contract the virus from the truck and that might enter your house and infect the people inside it.

That is why you need to spray the boxes with disinfectant and throw these out soon after taking your stuff out.  Remember to always use a mask during every step of your moving process for maximum protection.

6. Start Earlier and Use Less Outside Help

If you need help with packing and you cannot trust your movers for this important task, we suggest you start it early. Normally a week before the packing works fine, but in this situation, you can increase this time to 10 days.

 Allow only those friends or relatives inside for packing who have recently been tested for the covid-19. Do not ask too many people at once since this way your chances of contracting the virus will be high.

Wrapping it up

So, these are some of the most important things that you can do to ensure a risk-free move during the pandemic. Make sure to read all the covid guidelines issued by the medical officials and ensure that you as well as your movers follow these strictly.

If you proceeded your move in the pandemic in an above-mentioned way, we assure you that you will feel safer and more relaxed throughout the process. We hope this information has helped you to hire professional moving or moving yourself in some way and has reduced your stress of moving during the pandemic a little.     

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