9 types of games that bring the best player in you

The world of online gaming is vast and ever-expanding. There are so many different games out there; it can be hard to know where to start! If someone has only played two or three types of games for most of their lives, then there is no way that person can be as good as someone who has been exposed to different kinds of games. If you’re looking to become one with your video game, then look at this list below and see which ones interest you! Here’s an overview of some great options:

  1. Action-Adventure:

Action-adventure is a combination of action and adventure games. Action as in the platformer type such as Mario and Zelda, exploration, and treasure hunting like in Metroid or Castlevania. The main goal here is to complete puzzles and beat bosses to advance through the game. Some examples are: “Super Mario,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Metroid,” and “Tomb Raider.”

  • Fighting:

Fighting games are all about winning battles. They require rapid reflexes, good strategies, and an ever-changing environment. It’s not just about knowing how to fight but also learning when to fight. These types of games typically involve hand-to-hand combat, swords, and other melee weapons. Mainly, they focus on one-on-one matches with a limited number of lives. Some fighting games include “Street Fighter,” “Marvel vs. Capcom,” and “Tekken”; you may download these games from rarbg, ready for you to download on your device. This type of game involves fighting your way to the end of a level. There may be several enemies standing in your way, but you must defeat them all one by one until you meet the boss and beat them to progress to the next level. Fighting games typically involve hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes as well as skill.

  • Shooter:

This genre requires a lot of patience and observation skills. The main aim is to shoot and kill. The player must also learn to take cover and avoid being shot themselves. These games require good reflexes as the environment is constantly changing, so it’s essential to keep track of everything on screen at once. Shooters come in many different types, such as “First-person Shooter” (FPS) and “Third-person Shooter” (TPS). First-person shooter games: With this type of game, you are in the perspective of being directly involved. The player usually sees what they see, hear what they hear, and so on. Sometimes the protagonist will have a map, but it is not always available. A common addition to FPS games involves online multiplayer support via LAN, Internet, or other technologies that allow players to play with each other.

  • Action-Adventure:

The action-adventure genre is a video game genre that has been popularized by games such as The Legend of Zelda and Uncharted. Players must make their way through various environments while overcoming various obstacles. Along the way, they will often find new weapons or items that you can use to defeat enemies or unlock doors to other areas. These games are usually played in a third-person view with the protagonist’s back facing the player, much like in Zelda.

  • Puzzle:

These games aim to solve different types of complex puzzles. They are subtle and require a strategic thought process to complete them. These games include “Portal,” “Bejeweled,” and many more. These are games primarily based on solving puzzles. They usually don’t have any “win” states or much emphasis on player choices. Focusing on exploration, adventure games frequently use vital narrative elements to advance the plot. While they are typically single-player games, some have multiplayer components.

  • Strategy games:

Strategy games try to imitate the decision-making process of a general or any other type of overseer. They offer players a campaign consisting of many missions and usually lets them upgrade units during battle. There is also a map of the world where players can move their armies around and engage in diplomacy with city-states in some games. Overall, these games are delightful, but they can take hours at a time.

  • Role-Playing Game (RPG):

Usually played in a third-person view, you play as the protagonist of the game who is usually on a quest
to save others or defeat an evil enemy. While progressing through this type of game, your character will
gain experience points that they can use to buy more potent weapons and items. Often, RPGs have a
vast world to explore with many activities for the player to do. You can play RPGs on Xbox consoles,
PlayStation consoles, and PC, as well as older platforms such as Sega Genesis and Nintendo. See this list
of the Top 10 RPG games. Role-playing games: Role-playing games let you become the main character of
the game and involve tasks like magic use, weapons usage, dungeon crawlin, monster slaying. These games allow players to customize their characters in many ways with detailed statistics on their abilities.

  • 3D platformers:

These games usually don’t have much in common with each other, and they can be set in any environment, from candy-themed lands to outer space. Unlike the 2D version of the platformer, where there is only one plane to run on (in most cases), 3D platformers feature three planes (left, right, and center) to run on. The protagonist must get from one end of the level to the other by running, jumping, and climbing between platforms while avoiding enemies, traps, or environmental hazards. These games are usually played in a third-person view, like Tomb Raider.


A massively multiplayer online role-playing game is a video game genre with large-scale multiplayer support. These games are usually in the RPG style, consisting of many missions, and usually, let them upgrade units during battle. There is also a map of the world where players can move their armies around and engage in diplomacy with city-states in some games. Overall, they are very similar to tabletop RPGs in that there is usually a storyline that the player follows. However, the main difference is that this type of RPG takes place online.


choose what makes you feel alive when you are playing the game. It doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun and developing essential gaming skills. Make sure you try out all the games mentioned, if only for the fun of it. Happy gaming!

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