A Bounce House Buying Guide: Residential Bounce House vs. Commercial Bouncy Castle

A bounce house is an air-inflated structure typically made of strong and flexible material. They are most often seen at birthday parties, school fairs, and other special events. Kids (and adults!) love to jump and play inside them, making them a popular choice for party entertainment. If you are considering purchasing an inflatable bounce house for your home, you may wonder if a residential bounce house or a bouncy commercial castle is the right option. This blog will discuss prominent differences between residential and commercial bounce houses so that  you can decide which one is right for you!

Residential Bounce House vs. Commercial Bouncy Castle: What Are Their Differences?

1) Materials Used

Residential and commercial bounce houses are made of different materials. Residential bounce houses are commonly made of either industrial grade polyester oxford, while commercial bouncy castles are made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl material. The residential material is more flexible and easier to move around, while commercial bouncy castles are made of a stronger material that can withstand many people’s weight at once.

2) Size and Weight

Bounce house sizes differ from the residential and commercial pieces. Residential bouncy castles are usually smaller in size and lightweight. The standard size of a typical residential bounce house is about 12 feet by 9 feet, making it much easier to store when not in use. However, the average commercial bouncy castle measures 15 feet by 15 feet, occupying a larger space for storage. As to the bounce house weight limit, bouncy residential houses can hold 90 to 400 pounds, while commercial bouncy castles can withstand up to 1000 pounds.

3) Price

The cost of residential and commercial bounce houses varies greatly. Residential bounce houses are much more affordable than commercial bouncy castles because they require fewer materials and are typically smaller in size. Generally, the price of residential bouncy houses ranges from $100-$500, depending on the size and quality. Commercial bouncy castles cost anywhere from $1000-$3000, depending on the size and features included.

4) Durability

Commercial inflatables are built to last with heavy-duty vinyl that can stand up to the wear and tear of multiple users day in and day out. Residential inflatables are usually constructed with lighter-weight vinyl that is not as durable and cannot handle being used as often.

Which Bounce House is Suitable for You?

With so many aspects discussed from commercial and residential bounce houses, it’s believed that you’ve got the idea about  buying a bounce house. In conclusion, commercial bounce houses, with more durable materials, longer lifespans, and large bounce house capacity, are more suitable for leasing companies. Residential bounce houses are preferred for backyards and birthday parties. When it comes to family use, residential bounce houses are good enough to satisfy the needs. In addition, some bouncy residential houses are made of commercial grade material that makes them more durable, such as Action Air bounce houses, but they are still at a reasonable price. 


Bounce houses can be great additions to residential and commercial spaces alike. However, residential bouncy houses, such as the balloon inflatable bounce house, are typically smaller and more affordable than commercial ones. So if you are looking for a residential bounce house, we suggest checking out Action Air. With the right product in hand, you’re sure to enjoy hours of fun on your bounce house! Action Air offers Christmas deals, so don’t forget to check out their special offers! Happy shopping!  

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