All Avenues to Explore to Study Abroad

From college to graduate school, there are many opportunities today to spend a few months or more studying abroad. So much so that it is not easy to plan concretely in the adventure. Some will have a specific school in mind, others just a country, and still others just a language. Leave at what age, where and how, Grow Well Consultancy experts invite you to explore together the avenues of study abroad.

Studying abroad is a real good idea!

Whatever the age and the country chosen, this experience will be extremely beneficial! Enormous linguistic progress, discovery of another culture, sense of adaptation, open-mindedness, this life experience has no equal with summer language stays. But to maximize the success of this stay abroad, you will have to choose the solution that suits you the most. To do this, start by positioning yourself according to 3 major criteria:

  • Your age

Your main objective: is it to progress in language, to open up to another culture and to “grow”, or to create a network to increase your chances of working internationally?

Your financial means (will you have to finance your studies at the same time, does your budget allow you to go to expensive countries, etc.)

  • 3, 6 or 12 months in a college or high school abroad

Age: for middle and high school students, although there are many more opportunities for 15-18-year olds.

The objective: It is multiple. Leaving a term, a semester or even a year in a foreign country is an extraordinary experience for a teenager, in several ways. Beyond the linguistic advantage that the student will acquire definitively for the rest of his studies, it is an option that can respond to a need for change: spirit of adventure, desire to emancipate himself from the family home, or academic difficulties requiring a change.

  • The cost

This solution is relatively expensive, but it is possible to reduce the costs thanks to certain associations, or exchange system.

Characteristics: In general, for young people in college or high school, accommodation is with a host family, which allows them to benefit from both supervision and the discovery of family traditions.

This formula has developed in many countries, especially at the high school level. You must have acquired the basics of the language of the country to be able to integrate quickly, but do not worry, a motivated and not too shy teenager will quickly assimilate something to be understood.

Spend an academic year abroad: Study MBBS in China

  • The objective: All those who have had the chance to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan keep wonderful memories of it: sometimes for the courses they were able to attend, and always for life on campus or in the city, the student atmosphere, lived experiences, sharing of nationalities. It is also an opportunity to create a network of relationships and friends from different countries. For all of these reasons, it is worth overcoming barriers at the start such as university acceptance procedures or finding accommodation.
  • The cost: Extremely variable depending on the country and the type of establishment. If your budget is limited, Chinese universities offer attractive prices to study MBBS in China. They also run Find scholarships programs for higher studies.
  • Characteristics: Depending on the country, it will be more or less easy to organize your academic year, you will have to send your file to the previously selected universities (beware of response times, sometimes very long), study the country’s rules in this area. immigration, find accommodation and prepare for your departure.
  • Agencies, like Grow Well Consultancy, offer to set up files and sometimes to manage the entire stay. It is anyway a good idea to go and see them, if only to glean all the information relating to the country you have chosen… or to help you choose a country!
  • Idea of Becoming Bilingual on the housing side, university residences and student accommodation are interesting solutions both from a financial point of view and to integrate more easily. Campus life is part of the experience and you will learn the cultural and linguistic codes of the country much faster by sharing your accommodation with other students while studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  • A good plan to find a room whatever the length of your stay: Housing anywhere, a platform created by a student for students! It allows you a secure rental for a few months and you can even rent your current room if you have one, to keep it without paying your rent at a loss.

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