Why Do People Buy Inflatable Hot Tubs And Swimming Pools?

You’d think that we’ve all learned from those videos you see online of kiddie pools that are deflated – water spilling over everywhere, and kids’ summertime ruined. Yet, we still see an increase in sales of inflatable products like hot tubs and swimming pools. Why is that so?

The Price

Of course, everyone likes a bargain. And when you don’t have the financial ability to hire a full construction crew to dig up and build a swimming pool or inground hot tub, then your only option is to get something cheaper. Inflatable options come at a fraction of the cost, especially swimming pools. 

A swim spa is a particularly built hot tub that also allows you to swim in it,

Hot Tubs: Similar Functionality For A Lower Price

Inflatable hot tub reviews show that people are generally happy with their purchase, and those who have tried both fixed and inflatable options said that they are comparable. They claim that they are just as durable, provide the same function, and that they aren’t missing anything by opting for something inflatable. After all, why would anyone pay more for getting the same results? 

Note that this is obviously not the case for swimming pools, because kiddie pools (or even larger portable pools) cannot compare in size to a constructed pool.


One of the major advantages of either an inflatable pool or hot tub is the convenience of stowing it away when you don’t expect to use it. This is especially important if someone is limited in space – like when you have a small backyard. There is no point in keeping the swimming pool or spa filled and maintained if no one is using them. Both options allow homeowners to simply drain, deflate, dry, and store their pool or tub.

Another added convenience is the ease with which they can be installed. Both inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools can be installed within a day, and without professional help from a construction crew. In fact, one or two people can handle the job, even teenagers. This means that people can buy the pool or hot tub and use it by the end of the day. 

Privacy And Sanitization

One reason people prefer to use their own swimming pool or hot tub is the privacy they get from staying at home. Additionally, they know exactly how clean the water and unit is because they are responsible for its cleanliness. 


It seems that inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools are all the rage these days, and we can’t blame homeowners for their purchase. They are getting a lot of convenience for significantly lower prices – all without the hassle of hiring a contract or a construction crew. There may be some compromises when it comes to swimming pools; but this doesn’t matter if one doesn’t need to train for a serious competition. If all you want is to cool off during the summer months, or relax and destress at the end of a long hard day, then buying an inflatable swimming pool or portable hot tub are valid purchases. You can relax from the comfort of your own home.

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