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Altered Carbon’: The Sci-fi Series Runs Out Of End And Will Not Have Season 3

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It was seen coming, when a long time passes without news of a Netflix series, the most common is that it ends up being canceled. That is exactly what has happened with ‘Altered Carbon’, as it has just been made official that this adaptation of the Richard K. Morgan novel is not going to have a third season.

An Early Farewell?

Released in February 2018, the first season of the series was much talked about at the time, but the same cannot be said for the second. Between the wait of more than two years and the change of protagonist – we went from Joel Kinnaman to Anthony Mackie -, it is seen that the public lost interest in her and Netflix no longer paid to continue with her.

Therefore, we will not know the end of the story of Takeshi Kovacs, but at least the fans of ‘Altered Carbon’ had the opportunity to learn more about its origins in ‘Reincased’, a prequel to the first season in the form of anime that Netflix released on March 19.

As Variety clarifies, this time the cancellation of ‘Altered Carbon’ has had nothing to do with the increase in costs derived from the measures against the coronavirus, which is mainly responsible for the fact that ‘The Society’ and ‘This shit surpasses me’ remain no second season. The relationship between its cost (which should not be exactly low) and the audience that the series has simply been evaluated.

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