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Netflix Releases January 2021: ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3, ‘lupine’, ‘The Story Of Swearing’ And More

There is very little left to say goodbye to 2020, so the different streaming platforms are announcing their great news for the start of the new year. Next, we are going to review all the Netflix releases in January 2021 , from series to movies, without forgetting documentaries:

All Series And Shows Coming To Netflix


Omar Sy leads this new version of the famous French thief created by Maurice Leblanc in 1905, although the actor will play here Assane Diop, a white-collar criminal who is very fond of the adventures of Lupine. Its first season is divided into ten episodes that will be released in two batches of five each.

January 8

  • ‘Gabby’s Dollhouse’: January 5
  • ‘Cobra Kai’ S3: January 8
  • ‘Memories of Idhún’ Part 2: January 8
  • ‘Disenchantment’ Part 3: January 15
  • ‘Dawson grows up’ , complete series: January 15
  • ‘Mother there are only two’: January 20
  • ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’: January 22
  • ’50M2′: January 27
  • ‘Bonding’ S2: No specific date

All Films Coming To Netflix

‘Fragments of a woman’

Vanessa Kirby was awarded best actress at the Venice Film Festival for her work in this powerful drama directed by the Hungarian Kornél Mundruczo that tells the story of a couple who have lost their child during childbirth due to a midwife error, which Which will make it almost impossible for her to recover emotionally from what happened.

January 6

‘The Excavation’

Ralph Fiennes, Lily James and Carey Mulligan lead this adaptation of John Preston’s novel directed by Simon Stone. It tells the story of a wealthy widow who hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate her property, where he makes an important discovery.

January 29

‘Below zero’

A very good looking Spanish thriller that should have been released in theaters. It was decided to postpone its launch due to the coronavirus and it finally reaches Netflix directly. It tells the story of how the transfer of a van of prisoners becomes complicated and a policeman played by Javier Gutiérrez has to face both an external threat and the inmates themselves. In it we will also see Karra Elejalde, while the staging is carried out by newcomer Lluís Quílez.

January 29

  • ‘What Happened to Mr. Cha?’: January 1
  • ‘Three days to kill’ : January 1
  • ‘Sleepy Hollow’ : January 1
  • ‘Stuck Apart’: January 8
  • ‘Rocketman’: January 9
  • ‘Out in the open’: January 15
  • ‘Father in duplicate’ January 15
  • ‘Come out of the closet’: January 22
  • ‘White tiger’: January 22
  • ‘Superlópez’ : January 25
  • ‘Ohana: Hawaiian Treasure’: January 29

All Documents That Come To Netflix

‘The history of swearing’

Nicolas Cage will serve as a guide in this peculiar docuseries that will delve into the origins, use and cultural impact of words like “fuck”, “shit”, “bitch”, “dick”, “pussy” or “damn” throughout of the six episodes that make up its first season, counting on the collaboration of Sarah Silverman, Nick OFferman, Baron Vaugh or DeRay Davis, as well as different experts in the field.

January 5

  • ‘The Minimalists: Less is Now’: January 1
  • ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation’: January 1
  • ‘Rocanrol Cowboys’: January 6
  • ‘Surviving Death’: January 6
  • Tony Parker: The Final Shot: January 6
  • ‘Suppose New York is a city’: January 8
  • ‘Crack: Cocaine, corruption and conspiracy’: January 11
  • ‘Night Stalker: Hunting a Serial Killer’: January 13
  • ‘We Are the Brooklyn Saints’: January 29

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