Android App Development Trends to Follow in 2023

The market keeps on evolving with each passing day. With an increase in competition and new Android apps being developed and launched, it is vital to make something that stands out. What should you be doing actually as anAndroid app developer? Keep an eye on what’s trending, learn all the nuances in the technology world, and integrate it into upcoming projects. Are you baffled by the features and functionalities that are trending in the market? Well, we are here to guide you through all the Android app development trends you need to watch out for.

1) Instant Apps

Instant apps are the one that allows accessing any feature of the app without having to go through the hassle of downloading and installing it. This is what makes Android apps so special and loved by users all over the globe. Being able to access any feature at any given time without downloading gives the users convenience. So, if you are developing your Android app, you need to focus on creating an Android instant app. This also works as a tester for your app. When you have an app that requires high data storage, users refrain from downloading it to save the regret of deleting later knowing it’s of no good use. Instead, they can access the Instant app and know if the app is actually helpful, and if yes, they will make the final decision of downloading it. Consider it as a movie trailer to lure the audience to watch the entire movie. The instant app is just like that.

2) Blockchain

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have had their ups and downs but it has shown the potential to capture the market. Blockchain app development has paved its way into multiple industries and plenty of businesses use blockchain through decentralized apps, smart contracts, healthcare, and crypto trading.Android app development is undertaken by using blockchain technology. Clients are developing apps and users are using them freely and making a significant amount of money from them. So, don’t underestimate blockchain when you learning new trends as it can open new areas of profit for you.

3) Enhanced Chatbots

Chatbots have been used in Android apps for customer support for quite a long time. There is nothing new in that. However, users lack human connection with chatbots which will now be revamped with enhanced chatbots. Any individual can know if there is a genuine human or a chatbot at the other end as they communicate in different ways. With the advent of ChatGPT API, things are going to change. The preconceived notion about chatbots is about to change massively. New chatbots will be developed by OpenAI which will answer all the potential questions of the users in a language that is easier for the users to understand and connect. This new API is highly efficient and the user will never realize that it is a bot and a human answering queries on the other hand. If you are planning to develop an Android app, having a chatbot integrated into the app backed with ChatGPT is advisable.

4) Mobile Apps For Foldable Devices  

The craze for foldable devices is quite high these days. This makes it extremely important to build your Android app which is compatible with these devices. Foldable devices comprise a large screen delivering a rich experience. It helps manage tasks better, gives ease in multitasking, improved control and visibility while gaming, and enjoying watching movies on a large screen. Large screens are great for getting an amazing user experience. On the flip side, it can be a challenge when for designers and developers to deliver a glitch-free experience. So, for your next Android application development, it is important to keep in mind foldable devices and build apps which is compatible with them.

5) AI and ML in eCommerce

The eCommerce market is not just in demand at present but it is going to reach newer heights in the coming years. Competition is high and every eCommerce app will be striving hard to achieve the maximum profit. To be a cut above the rest, you need to bring Artificial intelligence and Machine learning into play. It helps automate the repeating tasks and brings personalization for the users. It allows us to track previous metrics and utilize this data to generate more sales. Possible outcomes can be forecasted using machine learning. So, for your next app, you better optimize the power of AI and ML and create a next-generation app.

Wrapping Up

You are now well acquainted with the recent trends and what should be done next. If you are an Android app development company dealing with high-profile clients, you need to hire a dedicated android app developer with knowledge and skillset.  

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I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development, and app marketing.

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