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Below is a write-up that contains all details about the Annie Donovan Baby Video Tweet as well as people’s opinions on this viral clip.

Are you familiar with Annie Donovan? Do you have any footage of Annie Donovan? Is vaping dangerous? Are you curious as to why this video is so popular online? You’re in the right place.

People all over the United States were interested in why the video went viral. You may have similar questions. Please read this article Annie Donovan baby video Twitter.

Why did Annie Donovan’s video go viral on Twitter?

Sources claim that Annie Donovan, a woman named Annie, was seen giving her baby a Vape Element. A recording was shared to her Twitter account. Seven news outlets reported on the incident.

On Twitter, many people expressed concern about the baby. The video went viral quickly on Twitter because of this.

Details Annie Donovan Baby Vape Video

Annie Donovan can be seen holding an infant and placing a vape pen to his mouth Source. The baby appears to be taking a puff from the vaping device. Smoke is seen coming from the baby’s lips. Donovan could be heard saying, “That’s so funny.” This footage caused widespread outrage and raised concerns about the safety of the baby.

Who’s Annie Donovan?

Annie, a lady who was recently criticised for Annie Donovan baby video Twitter in which she is seen vaping a child. According to her Twitter profile, she is an adviser at the Rise Fund Source, an investment company. She was also the CEO of the Coop Foundation and the head of the Citi Foundation.

What are your risks when you give vape to your baby?

Vaping can pose a risk to a baby’s health. Vape juice contains highly addictive nicotine and compounds that can be dangerous. Inhaling smoke or vapor Source can cause serious injury to infants’ lungs.

People’s Reactions to Annie Donovan baby video Twitter

Many have expressed concern for the baby. Annie Donovan, Annie’s mother, has been criticized for giving her baby a vapour source. Many people have posted negative comments to this viral video, expressing concern for the child.


We would like to summarise the article by saying that Annie Donovan’s video clip has caused concern worldwide for the baby. People are very aggressive in providing a baby with a vape source. The child is now safe but her mother committed this dangerous act. Please Check out the information on this case at the appropriate website .

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