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This article contains complete information about Constance Marten LinkedIn as well as details about the death of baby Victoria. For more information, please read our article.

Are you aware of the reasons Mark and Constance were arrested? Do you know the charges against the couple? This article will give you all the information you need. The police officers arrested the couple and they were presented to the court. The story of Constance and Mark became viral in the United Kingdom.

Today’s article will be about Constance Marten LinkedIn as well as other details about Victoria’s death. Continue reading the article.

Mark and Constance are charged with baby’s murder:

After being charged with baby manslaughter, the couple was trending online. After the couple fled with their baby, police conducted extensive searches.

Constance Marten (35), and Mark Gordon (48), were both charged with the manslaughter in the death of their baby girl Victoria. The remains were found from a plastic bag hidden under nappies in Brighton, where they were arrested. People wanted to find Constance Marten after they saw such shocking news. She was the mother to the baby. They were both charged with three offenses, including preventing justice and preventing the birth of the child. On Friday, the couple appeared at the Crawley Magistrates court where they were charged with the three offenses.

On the internet, news of the manslaughter convictions for a couple has been trending. Online platforms have been reporting extensively on the news of the murder of the newborn.

The couple was presented before the court:

Mark Gordon, 48, and Constance Marten (35), were both charged with manslaughter for their newborn baby. They also obstructed the justice process and prevented the child’s birth. People are trying to find Constance Martin, Who Is She. Victoria, a new baby, is her mother. They were both presented before the court on Friday.

After the couple fled with their baby seven months ago, police officers began a massive search. On Monday, the couple was finally taken into custody in Brighton near Stanmer Villas. The police officers were unable to locate the baby. Hundreds of officers joined the search for the baby, who was eventually found on Wednesday evening at the same place the couple were taken into custody.

On Wednesday night, the remains of the baby were found in a plastic bag with some nappies. Many questions have been raised about Who is Mark Gordon Constance Marten since the news became viral. The post-mortem examination on March 3rd failed to identify the cause of death. A second test will however be performed.

More details about Victoria’s death:

After a long search, Victoria, the infant baby of Mark Gordon, 48, and Constance Marten (35), was found dead. The baby’s remains were found in a plastic bag, hidden under nappies. After being present at the court on Friday, they were charged with three offenses. Mark Gordon and Constance Marten LinkedIn were charged with preventing the justice process and preventing their child’s birth.


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