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We look at the top ten AI firms in America. Artificial Intelligence is constantly innovating and changing our lives. There are approximately 2000 AI ChatBot companies in the US. This list includes ten artificial intelligence companies based in the United States.

1. AEye

AEye, an artificial intelligence company, was established in California in 2013. It offers various services, including developing vision hardware and algorithms to drive self-driving cars. Luis Dussan founded the company and is its owner. He is well-known for his mission-targeting systems for fighter planes.

2. InData Labs

InData Labs is a data science company that provides AI-powered solutions. It assists companies around the globe in finding profitable solutions for their big data problems. InData Labs was established in 2014. Since then, the company has offered consulting and solutions that have enabled clients to gain valuable insights into their data, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance performance. It also provides AI-driven features and cost savings. InData Labs has gained trust from companies across industries and continues to expand its reach worldwide.


LITSLINK is an innovative US-based software development firm. We harness the power of innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions for companies all over the world.Fro more details view page.


AKASA is a leader in AI for healthcare operations. AKASA was concerned about healthcare spending and staff fatigue and set out to improve healthcare operations and administrative efficiency. Unified Automation is an AI-based service that automates complicated operational tasks, such as revenue cycle management.


Researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Ali Farhadi, Mohammad Rastegari, and Mohammad Rastegari discovered a problem. “Most of AI researchers (including us) tend to create better, more advanced algorithms with greater demand for compute and memory.” Farhadi said. The real-world applications tend to be the opposite, requiring solutions that use less computing, memory, and power. In 2016, the Allen Institute was founded by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder. The company made a breakthrough in technology earlier this year when it was able to run a simple computer vision program on a solar-powered chip.

6. Suki AI

Suki was created around the belief that doctors shouldn’t have to deal with administrative tasks, which can limit their ability to spend time on patient care. The startup offers a voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors that can take notes and fill out electronic records in real-time. The startup has been signed up by several large provider groups and health systems, including Ascension Health and Unified Physician Management. Users report a 76% decrease in the time it takes to complete clinical notes. Punit Soni, the CEO, says the digital assistant is “far beyond” voice-to-text software. It recognizes context and becomes more personalized as doctors use it. He says that Suki was created to bring joy back into medicine.

7.  AlphaSense

AlphaSense, based in New York City, is one of the most prominent artificial intelligence companies. AlphaSense provides market intelligence, search platforms, and market data, allowing professionals to make better business decisions. Jack Kokko established AlphaSense in 2007. The company has almost 2000 enterprise customers.

8. Pymetrics

Pymetrics creates assessments to find the best candidates for available positions. We place a lot of emphasis on soft skills. Pymetrics can help individuals find other jobs that match their skills if they aren’t suitable for the job they applied for.


It is difficult to change a customer’s mind in a heated conversation. However, offers the tools to help you avoid this situation. The company’s customer insight platform unites business data, creates detailed customer profiles, and alerts teams about at-risk customers. Organizations can cut churn by implementing a data-centric approach to customer service.

10. CloudMinds

CloudMinds was established in California by Robert Zhang and Bill Huang at the beginning of 2015. The company has offices in Beijing, China, and California but also operates worldwide. CloudMinds is a cloud-based company that develops AI-based robots. It focuses on machine learning, intelligence terminals, and robotic control units. CloudMinds technology is used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and the military.

11. Circulo Health

While simplifying the healthcare system for Medicaid patients is imperative, personalized care remains a top priority for providers. Circulo Health has teamed up with to offer high-tech, humane healthcare services. Patients can communicate with doctors in many ways, including via email, phone, or video. This makes it easier for everyone involved to receive regular updates, track their health, and create virtual visits more convenient.

12. ITRex

ITRex, an IT consulting and software development company, creates and transforms products and services to help drive business growth.

Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Analytics. Machine Learning. Big Data. Robotic Process Automation. The company has been a leader in various technologies, including FinTech, Retail & eCommerce, and Healthcare & Biotech. They also have extensive expertise in Transportation & Logistics, Entertainment & Media, and Transportation & Logistics. This team has provided hundreds of innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies, startups, and enterprises.

ITRex transforms technology innovation into market-ready solutions and products to help businesses gain a competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency, maximize profits, and increase their profitability.

13. Addepto

A team of highly skilled and experienced consultants who each day solve complex business problems using math and computer science. The company provides customized machine learning solutions for startup and enterprise customers and data analytics tools.

The company’s narrow focus in this area allows them to speed up the process of creating implementation ideas, building models, assessing them, and finally integrating them with existing software and infrastructure.

14. Riskified

Riskified, an AI-powered platform that enables e-commerce websites to identify legitimate buyers and decrease friction during the buying process, is called Riskified. The company’s flexible solution can be scaled to adapt to changing needs as e-commerce shops add new products or enter new markets. Riskified’s machine-learning models draw from more than 1,000,000 transactions to instantly make decisions that prevent fraud attacks on e-commerce.

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