Benefits of SAP Entitlement Management

The key to intelligent business management is in smart technological solutions that include the automation of routine processes. In the service-focused era, subscription-based businesses are blooming. Having harnessed advanced tools, enterprises get dissatisfied with standard configurations and seek solutions designed specifically to answer their industry-relevant tasks.

A custom-tailored SAP solution for managing entitlements is a powerful tool that automates and streamlines multiple time-consuming processes and operations. 

What Is SAP Entitlement Management?

Essentially, any service, support, and authorizations specified in a contract represent entitlements. They can be time-, volume-, and device-limited, unlimited, or user-restricted. A main challenge for businesses is to organize, manage, and communicate entitlement data on every customer between various departments, for instance, sales reps, service teams, and customer service. Manual processing is time-consuming and prone to errors, particularly for multiple types of service, quantity- or time-based entitlement components, and personalized specifications.

As the term ‘Entitlement Management’ implies, the technology automates the granting, enforcing, and revoking of access rights, authorizations, or permissions, also referred to as entitlements. In other words, Entitlement Management software is designed to automate the execution of access policies to various databases (structured and unstructured), services, and/or devices.

An Entitlement Management system can be based on different technologies that determine the functionality, device and platform compatibility, and network components. SAP Entitlement Management software has been developed specifically to streamline dynamic authorization and entitlement processes within fast-moving and complex business scenarios.

With the help of a SAP solution provider businesses can create customized industry-specific models of entitlement management to ensure superior customer experience, as well as improved flexibility and transparency, better tracking and reporting. A continuously expanding functionality of SAP software solutions meets the needs of both fast-developing complex enterprises and smaller businesses across various industries.

Features and Advantages of SAP Entitlement Management

SAP Entitlement functionality includes:

  • Customized modeling and operational management of entitlements:
    • You can create personalized entitlement models and determine how they should be processed
    • You can maintain entitlement status for every client with custom alerts throughout the entitlement lifecycle
  • Central scalable entitlement repository:
    • Full visibility of entitlements and their statuses
    • A growth-based extensible repository that can be adjusted to changing business requirements
    • Access to the history of all data audits
  • Real-time customizable tracking and reporting:
    • Easy-to-use dashboard
    • Insights on all entitlements, including past, expiring, and active.
    • Customized criteria-based reports
  • Enhanced data security:
    • Built-in security and tailored add-on SAP solutions
    • Cloud-based technology accessible from any browser
    • Compliance with existing regulatory requirements
  • Seamless integration with various IT ecosystems:
    • User-friendly installation and configuration
    • Customizable functionality for optimized performance
    • Integration with an existing IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits of SAP Entitlement Management Implementation

  • Expansion of revenue streams based on intelligent subscription business models. No more unauthorized access and revenue losses.
  • Customers get the utmost value thanks to increased entitlement transparency and functionality, including alerts, reminders, and self-services. The solution allows adjusting a current bundle, usage, or quantity of devices on the fly. The result is improved customer retention.
  • Enhanced product value and customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time tracking allows quick and efficient deployment of the new offers and relevant entitlements. Embedded analytics provides insights about efficient models and points at potential productive upgrades, cross-sales, and up-sales. 
  • Operational efficiency based on automation of routine, error-prone tasks. All the data is organized and available to employees from different departments. As a result, the workflow is streamlined, saving workforce and time for strategic business planning.
  • Enhanced security. Built-in security features guarantee regulatory compliance.
  • Intelligent application across various industries, including automobile industry, servicing, IT, e-commerce, etc.

How to Maximize the Value of SAP Entitlement Management?

Partnership with a reputable SAP Entitlement Management solution provider ensures that:

  • Your sales team has a clear understanding of clients’ entitlements; hence, your company explores every avenue for upselling, cross-selling, and renewals. Your license administrators and IT teams have access to the implementation and management of all types of entitlements contributing to the overall value optimization.
  • You maximize value through faster bundle implementation, tracking, and market evaluation.
  • You maximize value given that customers have a complete grasp on their entitlements and they receive notifications on unauthorized usage restrictions. This prevents revenue losses.
  • Intelligent entitlement tracking contributes to cost-saving as businesses will avoid unnecessary expenses on excessive subscriptions or licenses.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting provide enterprises with valuable data on entitlement usage and help companies make smarter decisions about new license purchases in the future.
  • Businesses maximize value through reduced risk of unauthorized usage or security failures.
  • Automated entitlement management processes eliminate human errors and save time and resources for strategic planning.

With CLARITY, an SAP solutions expert, your SAP Entitlement journey will be seamless, productive, and profitable. Skillful pros will harness innovative technologies to serve your business goals. Customized software solutions with enhanced visibility of entitlements, ascendable repository, tailored reports, and seamless integration with other systems open new horizons for business expansion and optimized productivity.

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