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Keeping your desktop organized can be a challenge, especially with the number of files and shortcuts that tend to accumulate. Fences is a popular desktop customization tool that helps arrange icons and shortcuts into tidy compartments on your desktop. However, there are some good free alternatives for those looking for similar functionality without paying for Fences. 

These tools allow you to categorize, hide, reveal, and generally organize desktop icons for a clean and efficient workspace. With customizable options, these free alternatives provide ways to declutter and arrange your PC desktop without cost.

Top 3 Free Fences Alternatives for Windows

iTop Easy Desktop

iTop Easy Desktop is a free desktop organizer that helps declutter your workspace for better productivity. With customizable categories, stunning wallpapers, handy keyboard shortcuts, and AI features like Chat, iTop brings efficient organization to your desktop. 

Arrange files, folders, and shortcuts into tidy compartments to find what you need in a flash. Dynamic and lively wallpapers also let you customize your desktop’s look. Whether you want to group project files or simply cut through the clutter, iTop Easy Desktop provides a user-friendly way to organize your PC desktop.


  • Categorizes files, folders, and shortcuts for easy access
  • Applies dynamic and lively wallpapers to customize your desktop
  • Provides handy keyboard shortcuts to improve efficiency
  • Includes ChatAI for help and productivity tips
  • 100% free to download and use

How to use iTop Easy Desktop to customize your Windows Desktop?

Decluttering your messy desktop is easy with iTop Easy Desktop’s intuitive categorization system. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website and download the free iTop Easy Desktop installer. Double-click to run the installer and follow the prompts to complete setup.
  2. When installation is finished, launch iTop Easy Desktop from your start menu or desktop shortcut.
  3. Launch the software and go to “Boxes”, by ticking “Enable boxes” you can get your current file icons auto-organized.
1.Enable boxes
  1. If you want to create boxes manually, you can create a new box to organize your first category by right-clicking your desktop and selecting “Create Box” from the iTop context menu. Name your box something descriptive like “Work Files.”
  1. Start decluttering by simply dragging and dropping relevant desktop icons and shortcuts into your new box. Files will disappear from the desktop and reappear neatly organized inside their assigned box category.

Nimi Places

Nimi Places is a powerful desktop organization tool that lets you arrange your desktop any way you want. With customizable containers, you can group files, folders, and shortcuts from multiple locations to declutter your workspace. 

Display content as icons or thumbnails, add labels and themes, and set up automation rules to keep things tidy. The built-in media previewer and ability to thumbnail various file types like PSDs and webpages make Nimi Places a versatile desktop manager. 

Take control of desktop clutter with robust categorization, appearance, and automation options.


  • Creates customizable containers to hold files, folders, shortcuts
  • Displays contents as icons or thumbnails
  • Applies labels, themes, and size options for visual organization
  • Sets up automation rules to manage containers
  • Previews media and generates thumbnails for diverse file types

Portals: Desktop Organization

Portals: Desktop Organization allows you to neatly arrange your desktop icons and shortcuts by creating customizable containers linked to folders. Hide distracting desktop folders away while neatly displaying their contents in Portals containers. 

With its lightweight yet powerful approach, Portals makes desktop organization easy. No ads or internet connection is required – just drag and drop to create the ideal desktop setup. 

Cut through visual clutter and work more efficiently with this user-friendly, free desktop icon organizer.


  • Creates containers linked to folders to neatly arrange desktop
  • Hides desktop folders while displaying contents in containers
  • Lightweight, ad-free, and works offline
  • Lets you drag and drop to link containers to folders
  • Customizable containers keep desktop tidy and organized

Why iTop Easy Desktop Is The Best Free Alternative To Fences?

For an optimal blend of simplicity, customization, and productivity, iTop Easy Desktop is the best fences alternative out there. 

Superior Categorization

iTop makes it incredibly easy to group files, folders, and shortcuts into tidy, labeled boxes to organize desktop. Its intuitive drag-and-drop system is more user-friendly than Fences.

Visually Appealing

Customize your desktop with iTop’s stunning selection of animated and interactive wallpapers. Your desktop becomes more personal and aesthetically pleasing.

Handy Productivity Tools

Useful features like keyboard shortcuts, a search box to quickly launch apps, and AI chat help streamline workflows. Fences lacks these handy extras.

Lightweight Performance

Running smoothly in the background, iTop occupies minimal system resources. Your desktop feels light and responsive.


Keeping an organized desktop can make a huge difference in everyday productivity and efficiency. While the popular Fences tool offers desktop customization, its price tag and limited feature set leaves something to be desired. 

Luckily, there are some great free alternatives that give you all the functionality of Fences and more.

Top options like iTop Easy Desktop, Nimi Places, and Portals: Desktop Organization provide user-friendly ways to categorize, arrange, and manage your desktop icons and files. 

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