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Big Mouth Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Storyline And What Can It Be?

‘ Big Mouth’ is an animated series from Netflix that revolves around a bunch of high school students navigating the many challenges of puberty and struggling to control their raging hormonal monsters. The show is created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. While mostly a funny show with obscene and gross absurdities and profane and profane jokes, ‘Big Mouth’ also profoundly portrays insightful portraits of issues that plague our society and us as human beings.

In addition to the hilarious humor in the bedroom and bathroom, the series also focuses on the norms of sexuality, social taboos, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, sexual coercion, gender roles, consent, self-acceptance, and toxic relationships. With four seasons of streaming ‘Big Mouth’ on Netflix, it’s only natural that you wonder about season five. Well, here are all the details about what we know from season 5.

Big Mouth Season 5 Release Date

The 4th season of ‘Big Mouth’ was released on December 4, 2020, on Netflix. The series usually debuts new seasons in late September or early October each year. Season 3 was launched in October 2019, but season 4 was delayed by two months due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

As Netflix has already renewed seasons 5 and 6 before the launch of the third season, we know for sure that we will have at least two more new seasons of ‘Big Mouth’. All things considered, the 5th season of ‘Big Mouth’ is set to debut in late 2021, possibly with a release date in November or December.

Big Mouth Season 5 Cast: Who Participates?

The entire main and supporting cast of the show is expected to return in Season 5. Co-creator Nick Kroll leads the cast of ‘Big Mouth’, giving voice to several major and minor characters, including Nick Birch, one of the protagonists based on Kroll himself, Lola Skumpy, Maurice the Hormone Monster, Rick the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, and many other guest characters. John Mulaney lends his voice to Nick’s best friend, Andrew, along with Grandpa Andrew.

Jessi Klein is the voice behind the voices of Jessi Glaser and Jason Mantzoukas of Jay Bilzerian. The series’ highlight star is Connie, Maury’s female counterpart. Maya Rudolph is the throaty voice behind Connie. She also won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Character Voice Performance in 2020 for her role as the hormonal monster. Jordan Peele is the voice actor for Duke Ellington’s ghost.

Jenny Slater previously voiced the bi-racial Missy Foreman-Greenwald, but in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement, she was no longer Missy’s voice, and Ayo Edebiri took over in the last two episodes of Season 4. Andrew Rannells voices Matthew MacDill, and Jean Smart is the kitten of the depression. Maria Bamford gives the voice of Tito, the Anxiety Mosquito.

Big Mouth Season 5 Storyline: What Can It Be?

The 4th season of ‘Big Mouth’ addresses serious issues like anxiety, depression, racial identity struggles, sexual orientation, and sexual coercion. In the final episodes of the fourth season, Jessi returns to Bridgeton, Nick and Andrew deal with their mental health crisis, Missy embraces her “black” self, Devon divorces Devin, Matthew reveals himself to his parents, and Jay and Lola break up.

Season 5 will likely continue with these stories, with Jay and Lola taking their war to the new season (they say that in the episode). All hormonal monsters will make a furious return. It is also possible that Tito, the Anxiety Mosquito, the Depression Kitten, and the Sorcerer of Shame have not finished with the children and may return. Also, we can see that some of the characters have their first sexual experiences. Maybe someone will even lose their virginity next season. Let’s wait and see!

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