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‘Black Panther 2’: Kevin Feige Explains How The Film Can Happen!!

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The legacy of star Chadwick Boseman will be preserved in the long-awaited sequel ‘ Black Panther 2 ‘, with his character not being re-cast.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has confirmed that there will never be another actor playing T’Challa within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to him, filmmaker Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios are advancing at full speed with the franchise and will explore the rest of Wakanda, the fictional Marvel country to which we were first introduced in the great Marvel franchise.

“A large part of the comics and the first film in the world of Wakanda. Wakanda is a place to explore more with characters and different subcultures. This was always and initially the main focus of the next story, ”he said.

“We are not going to have a Chadwick in CGI and we are not going to reformulate T’Challa. Ryan Coogler is working very hard now on the script with all the respect, love, and genius he has, which gives us great comfort, so it has always been about promoting Wakanda’s mythology and inspiration. There is also the task of honoring and respecting Chad’s continuing learning and teaching. ”

The cameras began to run in June 2021, with the possibility of new contractual agreements between the actors.

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Adjustments to salaries, if duly formalized, will still provide extra compensation to the cast and members of the top echelons of the technical team (such as director, screenwriter, and producers), should the film be released on the Disney + platform.

Marvel has confirmed that ‘ Black Panther 2 ‘ (Black Panther 2) opens on July 8, 2022.

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The feature is being written and directed by Ryan Coogler. The film will explore the world of Wakanda and the rich characters featured in the first film.

‘ Narcos: Mexico ‘star Tenoch Huerta will play the villain.

In October last year, Ryan Coogler signed on to return as a screenwriter and director after his exceptional entry into the MCU with the film that grossed more than $ 1.3 billion worldwide.

The film also became the first of the superheroic genre to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

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