BLAST Premier: World Finals 2022 – Teams Are Ready For The Major Trophy

We finally reached the final major CS:GO tournament in the 2022 calendar year, with all the ups and downs that happened on the way to it. Eight of the best squads in the world, three of which are also the past Major champions, will compete for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool and the final premier trophy at this BLAST Premier: World Final contest.

Starting from Dec. 14, we will see some of the world’s best shooters battle it out for a chance at glory. Therefore, it is high time to cover all teams that are participating in this tournament and see who’s got the best chance of taking the trophy home. Without further ado, let’s look more closely.

Good Odds For Bettors

Without any doubt, CS:GO betting is a crazy ride full of fun and excitement for bettors. Therefore, it is a great idea to find good odds and try to take part in the upcoming competition. In terms of finding BLAST Premier: World Final odds, you will have no trouble. These days, eSports betting sites are everywhere. The GG BET cs go section, for example, will have the top odds for this event! 

For the group stage of the event, bettors will have the chance to bet on a total of eight games, all of them being Best of 3. From this perspective, it is clear that doing research about squads is needed. So, knowing that Heroic (+300), FaZe (+335), and Outsiders (+365) are considered the primary contenders is a good place to start.

On top of that, betting on NaVi to reach the final betting options at +175 seems like easy money as they are facing Team Vitality, whom they haven’t lost in quite a long time. The rest of the tournament is going to be challenging. Now, let’s turn our attention to the World Finals’ participants and see what sort of value their odds generate.

Key Contenders For The Final Major Event

Below, we have made a quick introduction about teams that have a powerful title-contending potential in this major event so you can have the best insight. After all, in order to wager on any eSports championship, you should at least get familiar with the teams and their current positions in the rankings.

Natus Vincere

As we have said earlier, the odds for NaVi to reach the finals is at +175. But if you want to take the more risky equivalent, you can take the Ukrainian team to win the entire event at +500. The chances for them to take the trophy go high due to their current position.

Natus Vincere has not been at their best form lately, with their big last win coming back in the summer at the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals. This result means almost nothing in comparison with their ten big titles last year. Nevertheless, the CIS giants can begin shining again at any given moment. If you are looking for a Cinderella run, they don’t come better than NaVi.


Heroic is labeled as one of the primary contenders for this event, with +300 to win the entire tournament and -105 to reach the final wagering options. It is worth noting that they are the only squad that has negative numbers (in American ML odds) to get out of the Group Stage category. All this goes to demonstrate to you how strong they are.

Their last months’ results speak for themselves. The Norwegian organization almost made it to win the IEM Rio Major 2022 but lost to Virtus.Pro in the Grand Final. Before that, they became champions of the BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown in late October.

FaZe Clan

The American team has been brilliant for the entire 2022 season. As of the first half of the year, these guys kicked things off with two prestigious title sweeps at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 and IEM Katowice. But they didn’t stop there and took the IEM Cologne trophy, and the same with PGL Major Antwerp in May.

Following their results, everyone thought we had been seeing FaZe jump back-to-back Major champion titles. But it was not meant to be. More recently, however, the team had a solid ground in BLAST Premier: Fall Finals, losing to Heroic 2-1 in the Grand Final. Give FaZe Clan the chance to win the tournament and you may be rewarded with a +330 return or a +110 one, if you opt for the easier route (bet on to reach the finals).

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