How to choose the right partner for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services

Are you spending more than your SOC can handle but not detecting and responding to events quickly enough? Confused by the hundreds of products and acronyms that appear on the market every day, are you looking for a reliable managed detection and response services partner to help you create the right solution? That’s precisely what Underdefense, a cybersecurity company, does. They believe that every organization should be able to rely on modern security operations aimed at:

Discover network endpoints and vulnerabilities based on holistic visibility and behavioral techniques.

Threat intelligence to better identify emerging threats and guide preparedness and response.

Add an advanced detection layer that combines all threat vectors with advanced analysis of all available resources in your organization.

Underdefense’s proactive search campaign ensures that nothing is lost.

Incident response and crisis management program where appropriate.

Scalability and automation to reduce financial costs.

What You Need to Know About the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Market

Just as no one size fits, not all MDR products are created equal. To help customers better understand what to look for in an MDR program, Underdefense teamed up with leading MSSP and MDR vendors to research the MDR market and identify all the key areas where customers are looking for improvement. Before working with a supplier, you should consider discovery and responsiveness.

What can Underdefense offer as an MDR service provider partner?

The main components are:

MDR (detection and response) laboratory.

An experienced team of threat experts evaluates leading vendor technologies, intelligence channels, advanced analytics platforms, and more to provide consulting services tailored to your organization’s needs and technical requirements. Technologies and services managed by the platform

Underdefense offers managed services tailored to these technologies and platforms. Manage and analyze EDR alerts and management platforms to integrate threat analysis programs. Traditional MSSP functions are incorporated with advanced MDR capabilities, allowing Underdefense customers to leverage advanced monitoring, detection, search, and response capabilities. Detect threats early and prevent security incidents with Underdefense’s best practices and cutting-edge cybersecurity research and development.

What will you get?

The leading threat analysis system on the market. Security analysts from multiple teams at Underdefense use the latest real-time information about computers, victims, and attackers to quickly identify and detect threats in your environment. Priority signals. Identify the most important notifications and focus on what needs immediate attention. Comprehensive threat control. Underdefense analysts use existing technologies combined with analytical expertise and intelligence to search for hidden adversaries and threats—security specialists proactively. At Underdefense, we actively collaborate with various cybersecurity technologies to provide additional support, such as malware sample analysis, due diligence, and on-site incident response. MDR Underdefense is designed to provide customized MDR capabilities to SMB users and resource-constrained organizations with continuous expert protection, detection, response, and monitoring. It provides proactive threat intelligence. Businesses of all sizes today face the threat of data theft, espionage, and business-destroying ransomware attacks. As threats continue to evolve, organizations with small security teams and budgets struggle to protect themselves and their end users.

To help these organizations, Underdefense has launched MDR services. It is a managed security service that provides continuous threat detection and response based on intelligence and highly trained security experts. The Underdefense MDR framework is designed to address the security challenges associated with digital transformation and the move to cloud environments. The service enables internal IT and security teams to close cybersecurity skills gaps, accelerate threat detection and remediation, reduce the impact of cyber attackers, optimize security operations, and improve cyber resilience.

Benefits for customers and partners

The main advantages of MDR Underdefense services are:

Round-the-clock monitoring, detection, and response to threats. Highly skilled security analysts in the Underdefense Security Center (SOC) manage alert prioritization, threat analysis, recommendations, and response.

Proactive threat scanning: Underdefense experts proactively find and destroy all hidden Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and unconventional threats from internal and external sources (users and applications) on your system. Study the behavior and look at the most likely threats in your industry. Consider the technical environment of each user and threat actors to make informed decisions.

Improved security operations: MDR Underdefense improves threat protection and accountability by enabling SMBs and customers to work closely with Underdefense security analysts. The online platform allows users to connect and communicate with the team 24/7, check alerts, manage endpoints, and suggest actions to limit or eliminate threats, all with a single click. This can be done by executing a single dashboard.

Easy staffing and service management: The registration process for MDR is automated and simple enough to get most companies up and running in one day. For SMB partners, Underdefense offers the ability to run and manage multiple processes simultaneously.

MDR will complement existing cyber security solutions. This service is provided through an integrated platform. Combine risk assessment and mitigation, endpoint protection, detection and response (EDR), peer threat correlation, and enhanced detection and response (XDR). This provides an adequate level of security.

Complete protection against progressive and new threats

Rest easy knowing that Underdefense protects you against advanced and emerging threats. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) protects your business by identifying critical events and applying proven response tactics across your endpoint network, cloud messaging, and operational technologies. Managed protection is supported by various products and vendors, from endpoints to network and cloud telemetry.

Protection of the declared specialist

Controlled detection enables response and significantly increases security. Use the speed of managed protection to combine external scanning and attacker detection to protect customers quickly and at scale. You can rely on managed protection experts to stop, impact or resolve incidents without requiring a formal response. Proactively monitor hidden malicious activity and cyber attacks. Targeted pursuit of defense threats is determined by the latest threat data collected in security logs. Cyber ​​activity can be observed in real-time through a managed protection portal. Minimize the risk of ransomware. Get an edge in protecting against today’s biggest threats by understanding what today’s attackers are up to. Guided protection uses deep knowledge of attacker behavior to reduce the time spent by the all-purpose attacker, protecting your business from extortion, ransomware, and identity theft. Leverage Underdefense’s best practices and threat analysis and get support from experts who regularly respond to and defend against attacks from motivated adversaries. In addition, they use this deep knowledge to improve their ability to make quick and informed decisions.

MDR functions for managed protection

Strengthen your defenses with managed detection and response services powered by Underdefense. Controlled protection includes standard and non-standard features to protect against stealth and malicious attacks. Targeted detection to identify the most effective threats. Save your team time and effort with customized threat monitoring and scanning to locate and investigate the most critical threats that need your attention. Alerts are added within the context of a vital threat. Detect hidden malicious activity and potential cyberattacks with threat scanning tasks that adapt to changing attacker behavior in real time and align with the infrastructure of your business environment. Rapid response to mitigate the impact of security incidents avoids the financial cost of internal audits by quickly investigating incidents before they impact your business. Act soon with expert help and follow instructions to protect any assets that may have been compromised. Use Underdefense’s collective knowledge and experience-based recommendations to improve.

Rapid response to incidents

Underdefense’s security experts conduct in-depth analysis to investigate incidents, add additional context, and benchmark against a global customer monitoring network. Soc scaling only truly active events reduces security and after-hours maintenance requirements. In case of significant events, you will be notified within 20 minutes. Cyber ​​Security provided advanced messaging with known threat indicators and validated additional information to help responders make faster decisions. Users can also access summary reports covering the previous month’s incidents, events, and announcements, including advice and analyst responses—the best protection in its class. Underdefense uses a leading SIEM platform with machine learning technology and automation to detect sophisticated threats.

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