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Chapter 135 Of ‘Attack On Titan’ And The Release Dates And All New Informatoin

December will be a busy month for fans of the “Attack on Titan” franchise. Chapter 135 of the manga is confirmed to be released the same week as the anime’s fourth season premiere.

Major ‘Attack On Titan’ Release Dates In December

The next chapter in the “Attack on Titan” manga series is not like any other, as it potentially dictates the fate of Eren and his friends. Meanwhile, anime fans are finally seeing what happens alongside Survey Corps after they finally made it out of the Walls.

The “Attack on Titan” manga series has been able to maintain a regular monthly release, and will still apply to chapter 135. Its release date is confirmed to be December 9, shortly after the action-packed chapter 134 came out.

That means “Attack on Titan” episode 135 will be released just two days after the premiere of “Attack on Titan” season 4. The latter has been confirmed to be the last installment of the show, while the latest events of the manga also dictate that the story is very close to the end of the game. This is obviously a great way for fans to end the challenging year 2020 and welcome 2021 in anticipation of both series coming to an end.

What To Expect From ‘Attack On Titan’ Episode 135 And Season 4

While “Attack on Titan” episode 135 and season 4 mark the end of both series, there is still a good gap in the timeline of the stories they will tackle. It is highly likely that next month’s edition of the manga will focus on the continuation of the all-out war between Eren and the remaining soldiers fighting to save the human race. It can be recalled that Eren obtained Ymir’s approval to initiate the Rumbling in hopes that it would keep Paradis Island safe for decades to come.

Season 4 of “Attack on Titan”, on the other hand, will recover from the Survey Corps and arrive at the place where they believe Marley is experimenting with the Indians and turning them into Titans. While Eren, Armin, and Mikasa had achieved their collective dream of getting out of the Walls and seeing the ocean, Eren realized that they only encountered enemies and not freedom beyond the Walls. With the anime series previously addressing Marley’s plans to invade Paradis, “Attack on Titan” season 4 is set to introduce the other side of the world and a host of new characters who wish to see the total downfall of Paradis.

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