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‘Ozark’ Season 4 Spoilers: Netflix Reveals New Cast Members And All Latest News Here

The final run of season 4 of “Ozark” is coming up and it was said that this will be the biggest season of the show. The Wendy and Marty Byrde story is ending and fans are very curious and want to know how they will end up after being involved with dangerous cartels and couldn’t get out of it.

Instead of having the good, quiet life he hoped for after moving to the Ozark, Marty found himself deeply entangled with criminals and their illegal jobs. There is no way out and even the unexpected happened. Instead of leaving, his wife and family are now in trouble.

Plot Predictions

With how the Byrdes’ lives turned out, Wendy and Marty were predicted to be killed in season 4 of “Ozark.” It was said that the Navarro cartel will get rid of them once they become a business risk. since the probability of being captured by the authorities is now high because of the couple.

On the other hand, there is a theory that the Byrde couple will kill Navarro in his place. Marty and Wendy are now playing mind games after they started running a new casino and Navarro are one of the obstacles in their business.

The FBI is on alert for the Byrdes and the family is aware of this. That is why they are trying to play it safe while conducting business. However, they are already in a difficult situation that could result in death and anguish in the family.

New Cast Members

Regardless, as part of the “Ozark” season 4 teaser, Netflix recently revealed the new cast members for the drama’s finale. It was tweeted last week that Alfonso Herrera, Adam Rothenberg, Felix Solis, and Damian Young were added to the award-winning cast of the fourth and final season.

According to Deadline, Bruno Bichir, CC Castillo, and Katrina Lenk have also been added for recurring roles. Solís will be one of the new members of the Navarro cartel.

Alfonso will be Javi Elizonndro and will be Omar’s nephew. He was described as the obedient lieutenant who plans to take over his uncle’s cartel.

Adam Rothenberg will be Mel Sattem. He is a private investigator who was a former police officer who left the force in humiliation. Castillo will play Sheriff Leigh Guerrero in “Ozark” season 4, but his exact character was not described.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly reported that season 4 of “Ozark” will begin production before the end of this year. The drama will conclude with 14 episodes in total and will be divided into two parts.

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