Choosing Between Repairing and Replacing Your Air Conditioner

The right air conditioner can keep your home cool year-round. With some simple air conditioning repairs Adelaide, you can expect to get decades of use from the system. Yearly maintenance and occasional repairs will take care of most issues, but eventually you’ll need to replace your air conditioner. Visit for the latest AC systems. Choosing between repair and replacement can be tricky, and it ultimately comes down to your individual needs. To help figure out which option is right for you, we’re going to cover the main things you need to consider when deciding between repair vs replacement.

The Age of the Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are just like any other appliance – they have a limited lifespan. General wear and tear will eventually cause an air conditioner to fail beyond repair. When thinking about repair vs replacement, consider the age of the system. You can expect most air conditioners to perform well for 10-15 years. After that, they often need more repairs, and it may be more economical to replace the system. Worse, older systems can be hard to find parts for, so you may have to replace an air conditioner that’s over a decade old, even if it still works.

Warranty Periods

Before you replace an air conditioner, check the manufacturer’s warranty. Many leading manufacturer’s offer 5 years (or more) of coverage against breakdowns and repairs. If your air conditioner is under warranty then you may be able to have it repaired for free! Be aware that many manufacturers will only honour a warranty if your air conditioner has been serviced regularly and on schedule. Investing in yearly maintenance for your air conditioner doesn’t just protect it from failure, it also means you’ll have support if it breaks down under warranty.

How Frequently it Needs Repairs

It’s normal for an air conditioner to need repairs once in a while. Parts fail, motors wear out and refrigerants can leak. It’s not normal to be repairing your air conditioner at every service. If you experience breakdowns more than once a year, or if your technician is frequently having to replace parts, it may be cheaper to replace the unit in the long run.

The Condition of the System

General wear and tear will eventually take its toll on your air conditioner. While small issues can be repaired, many air conditioners are neglected, and tiny problems turn into big issues. When considering repair vs replacement, pay attention to the general condition of the system. Look for things like:

  • Signs of corrosion on components
  • Leaking water or refrigerant
  • Power consumption
  • Unusually noisy fans, motors and other components
  • Service history

Repairs are usually much more affordable than replacing the system. But, if you’ve allowed the system to deteriorate, the repair bill may be far higher than the cost of a replacement.

Power Consumption

Air conditioners slowly become clogged with dust. Even with regular cleaning, the dust in the system will eventually cause the air conditioner to slow down. The result is that the internal components have to work harder to provide the same amount of cool air, consuming more power as they do so. Regular maintenance can help keep your power bills under control. But, if your system receives regular servicing and your power bills are still climbing, it may be time to look into replacing it. Modern air conditioners are far more energy efficient than their older counterparts, so you could significantly reduce your power bills over the long term.

Your Needs and Budget

The final thing to think about is your needs. Consider whether your air conditioner still suits your family and the way you use your home. For example, if you’ve started working from home and need to air condition more rooms, it may be time to replace a split system air conditioner with a ducted unit. While air conditioning repairs Adelaide are affordable and can significantly extend the life of an air conditioner, there’s nothing to be done if it no longer suits your lifestyle. Replacing your air conditioner is great if you need to install a unit with more power. Plus, a newer system will come with bonuses like smartphone controls, smart cooling systems and more efficient motors.

Just don’t forget to consider your budget. Upgrading to the latest and greatest air conditioner isn’t cheap. Don’t forget, you’ll need to pay for installation too. That means replacing the system won’t always be your best option!

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