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Colorful Coco and Ben 10 coloring pages for kids

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To give children moments of fun and exciting coloring experience and satisfy their passion for superhero-style cartoon characters, today we will bring Coco and Ben 10 coloring pages for kids. 

These are all cartoon character coloring themes, but each character on the coloring page will be in different colors. Let’s explore and experience the exciting difference between those colors and characters!

Coco coloring pages: It’s a music picture with many colors

Coco is a picture of music and color 

The movie Coco – Magical Reunion is one of the most touching and best-animated works in recent years. Set in Mexico with festivals, the film is a deep song about passion and spirit.

The movie Coco revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Miguel living in a small village in the Santa Cecilia region, Mexico. He dreamed of becoming a singer like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.

The reason is that Miguel’s great-grandfather once left his wife and children to follow the music call, and his family banned all artistic activities for generations. At this time, they only focus on shoemaking and want Miguel to become the next heir soon.

On Mexico’s Día de Muertos (Festival of the Dead), Miguel recklessly steals a guitar from Ernesto de la Cruz’s crypt to enter a performance competition. The event caused the boy to be cursed and enter the world of the dead. The journey is also a growth step for Miguel as he realizes what is most important to each person.

Not carrying the task of “saving the world” like many other Disney characters, Coco’s Miguel contains only conflicts between passion and family

The prohibition of his relatives made him hate his family on the other side of the world, and he just wanted to find Ernesto de la Cruz to be blessed by his idol. The journey is also a growth step for Miguel as he realizes what is most important to each person. Coco’s emotional element is gentle but profound. Many people may think a family is troublesome, holding them back on their career path. But some people have a simple dream of a warm family or seeing their loved ones one last time.

Coco is a film that gives the audience an impressive experience of Mexican culture, people, and sacred holidays in this land. Above all, the filmmaker has built the world after death in great detail and elaboration. We can see that: contrasted with this bright light, the poor slum harbors fates that no one remembers. The distinction between rich and poor in the spirit land is no different from living people.

Discovering Coco coloring pages with unique pictures

Coco coloring pages is a magical picture of colors and music. Children can freely choose and combine colors through the Coco coloring page to create vivid and realistic coloring pages. Parents let children be creative with Coco melon coloring pages; the picture of music will appear before our eyes through the ingenuity and creativity of the baby. Let’s wait to evaluate the child’s talent. Parents should praise and encourage children to always be motivated to try harder.

When coloring Coco color pages, children can also learn many lessons of deep meaning and family affection, love of music, or profound lessons about life and precious family values.

Coco coloring pages help children learn and discover the wonders of colors and drawings. Children can have fun, be creative and learn. Children can practice coloring, concentration, and observation skills more quickly.

Ben 10 coloring pages: Ordinary people can be heroes if they have kindness and luck

Ben 10 coloring pages

Printable Ben 10 coloring sheets

What kind of character is Ben 10?

Ben is a 10-year-old boy who loves to play video games, ride a bike, and also likes to cause trouble. Usually, Ben wants to do good deeds, but he always fails because he is weaker than other boys.  Out of curiosity, Ben discovers the Omnitrix, which enables him to transform into different strange aliens, allowing him to protect people from evil and also cause trouble. 

But Ben also understands that sticking to those aliens is more dangerous than he ever imagined, and he needs to learn a lot to be more mature. A sideline is revealed by the author that Ben has an online Sumo Slammer gaming account named “Omnitrixter.”

BEN’s alien forms:

XLR 8 is an alien with a dinosaur-like appearance, possessing speedy reflexes and the ability to move at super speeds of up to 480km/h. Besides, the flexible “wheel” foot structure helps this character to be able to move on steep walls and easily cross soft terrains such as mud, ice, and even snow country.

Four Arms – This character has a height of more than 3.6 meters, four powerful muscular arms, and incredible strength, especially the armored skin that protects BEN 10 from all physical and toxic attacks. According to a survey at comic, film, and television fairs, this is the image of BEN 10 that fans wear the most.

Eye Guy – “Super Label” is inspired by a villain in the series of 5 superhero brothers previously associated with Cyclops in Marvel’s X-Men world. That is also considered one of the terrifying images of BEN 10. Still, it captivates the young audience with its ability to shoot powerful energy rays that can destroy all living things in a vast area.

Ben 10 coloring pages helps children satisfy their passion for coloring and learning according to the brave character of their favorite character

Ben 10 coloring pages describe in detail the boy Ben is lucky when he accidentally can possess extraordinary powers. Thanks to his magical device and kindness, he uses his unique ability to protect people when they are in danger. Ben 10 is portrayed as a hero.

Therefore, coloring pages for Ben 10 not only gives children hours of comfortable coloring but also gives them many valuable and meaningful lessons. Parents should download the Ben 10 coloring page to guide their children to practice coloring. At the same time, teach them lessons from the character Ben 10. Those are lessons about kindness, helping, and fighting for what is right.

Ben 10 color pages are one of the favorite coloring pictures of many children today, especially boys. Parents should consult their children’s opinions and interests to choose the right coloring pages!

Ben 10 coloring pages give your kids fun and exciting coloring experiences with friends. Children will be free to create and color without limits on color and time. We have a lot of Ben 10 coloring pages with various activities and poses. Children can choose a lot of coloring pages to create and color freely. We always encourage children to color as much as possible to stimulate brain development.


Our coloring pages are always free and quality; we always strive to create educational products that attract and support children. Therefore, parents should have peace of mind and trust in our coloring pages. 

Coco and Ben 10 coloring pages will keep and help children develop coloring skills, and color recognition and stimulate the brain. Parents, please trust and choose coloring pages for kids on our website!

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