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Different Methods of Wearing Frontal Lace Wig

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Looking for a new way for your hair to look? Lace front wigs are a universal answer to those looking for hair extensions. They are long-lasting and a reliable way to achieve hair extensions. Frontal lace wigs are now widespread in the fashion industry for their multi-purpose uses.

Lace wigs are the top product in the category of its brand type. It is a product that helps you in many ways, including hair loss issues, styling, and many more.

Here are different methods to wear or apply frontal lace wigs.

 Prep Your Hair

Before wearing a frontal lace wig through any method, you need to prep your hair easy for you to wear. Methods for prepping your hair vary depending on your hair’s texture, length, and thickness.

Whatever you choose to prep your hair, make sure to moisturize your hair scalp and hair, and your forehead is dry. Then, you can either make a ponytail, braid to hold your hair behind to apply the wig on your hairline.

Let’s start with the methods to wear a frontal lace wig.

Installation Using A Wig Grip

Wig grips are a stretchable fabric mainly of velvet that wrap around your head. Choosing the grip color that matches your skin color is best so it remains hidden under your hair.

First, you need to place the wig grip along your hairline, adjust the size and secure it to your head using Velcro tape. Then place the lace on top of the wig grip at your forehead. Be sure to match the edge of the lace with the edge of the grip.

Gently, pull your hair into the desired place and adjust where necessary. Cut the excess lace at the front of your wig.

Installation Using Glue

First, you need to place the wig on your forehead and line it up with your hairline. Then, once the wig fits you correctly, you need to trim the excess lace from it.

Use a clean makeup brush and apply the glue alongside your entire hairline. After applying the adhesive or glue, wait a few minutes before wearing your wig. It also depends on the type of adhesive or glue you are using. Next, adjust the back of the wig so that it hangs naturally over your hairline.

In the end, press the lace of the wig into the glue. Do know once you press the lace into the glue, it will be hard to remove. So make sure you align it properly along your hairline.

Installation By Sewing

Sewing is a long-term solution that protects your hair and scalp from adhesives and other substances. However, sewing is a time-consuming method.

Place your wig on your forehead, part the hair above your ear, and cut excess lace. Next, create a defined part that goes one ear to another over the top of your head. It uses a C-shape needle and sews through the frontal cap.

Sew it nicely from one edge to another and make sure the threading is not visible.

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