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Euphoria Season 2: The New Chapters Arrive Sooner Than You Think

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Are you ready for Euphoria season 2 yet? You will have to wait a bit, but the wait will not be as long as you thought. After revealing that they would be making extra chapters, Zendaya finally confirmed, via her Twitter account, that the “bridge” chapters of the HBO series would arrive in December, with the first chapter on day 6. She did not mention anything about the second, but it is believed that it could arrive that same month since it is said that the production of the new season will begin in early 2021.

The first bridge chapter is called “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, which will follow the story of the first season, showing Rue’s ( Zendaya ) Christmas celebration, according to Variety. It is possible that the sad farewell that was had with Jules in the end.

During an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel program, the actress had anticipated how this chapter would be. “I really don’t know how to describe it, but an episode that we can do with a limited number of people in a safer environment that can give people something,” Zendaya stated.

The date of the second special episode will be revealed later. Both chapters were produced during the pandemic under safety regulations, according to the outlet.

Euphoria was one of the best HBO series in 2019 and one of the best portraits of teenage life today (you will be traumatized if you have children the age of the protagonists), so we always knew it was going to have so minus one more season, especially after that enigmatic finale that doesn’t leave Rue, Zendaya’s character, very well off.

This series is an adaptation of another Israeli series with the same name, with some changes and details that change to bring it closer to the reality of adolescents on this side of the world, and follows a teenager who, after suffering an overdose and dating from rehab, he returns home and must deal with a series of new problems, from the love we reciprocated, to the temptation to return to addictions.

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Euphoria, which is still one of the best HBO series, became a hit from its first episode and is currently one of the most popular series among younger audiences. The first season was seen by more than 550.00 people per episode and has been seen by more than 5.5 million users on different platforms, all thanks to Sam Levinson creating a surreal, intense, and somewhat disturbing world that absorbs you from the first moment and it keeps you stuck until the end, and this is a series that premiered one chapter a week.

Zendaya completely moved away from her Disney girl image to become magnetic, if the somewhat disturbed protagonist, who serves as a meeting point that connects the rest of the great characters in this series. Euphoria is visually stunning, her story is interesting and current, she gave us great performances and memorable characters and there isn’t a single detail that doesn’t work.

This is the closest we are going to be to perfection on television and the best part is that, after that epic ending that left the possibilities very drained, we are going to see more chapters of this story.

This was one of HBO’s big proposals for late 2020, but it was delayed until 2021 and there are a few things you need to know – and remember – before the premiere. More nudity, glitter, sex, drugs, and uncontrolled adolescents await us.

What Do We Know About Euphoria Season 2?

First of all, Zendaya (who won her first Emmy for Best Actress) revealed in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that the new episodes of the series would seek to “give something to everyone who loves the show so that we have something that we will experience. until we can get into the second season. ”

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Although the precise plot of both episodes is still protected, the actress noted that they would serve to develop a much more powerful second installment. “We’re trying to figure out how to eventually be able to create a season two that we’re all really proud of and get the best out of it that we want, but also still be very confident,” he told host Ben Platt.

The new season will begin filming in early 2021, hoping that we can see it by the end of that year.

First Photo Of The Cast

HBO, through the account of the series, already shared a first image that clarifies some of our doubts, it is a photo of the script reading, but this shows Zendaya, aka Rue, and Angus Cloud, aka Fez, back for the new season.

The ending of the previous season was somewhat ambiguous and it seemed like something very bad had happened to Rue after Jules left her, but that shows that she is going to recover and have to deal with the consequences. For his part, Fez has to deal with an angry drug lord.

What Happened In The First Season?

In the first season of Euphoria, Rue got out of rehab, went back to school and drugs, met Jules and she inspired her to quit drugs once and for all, with the help of a refusing dealer/guardian angel. to keep selling him drugs.

After a few weeks of sobriety, she realizes that Jules may not

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