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Ozark Season 4 On Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Synopsis And More

After nearly a year and a half, Netflix has released new episodes of Ozark and fans are already looking to find out about Season 4. The series has established itself as one of the main series in the catalog and has been constantly compared to Breaking Bad.

If you’re looking for information about the new season, you’ve come to the right place. The Netflix Guide separated everything that has been released so far about the continuity of the series, including renewal status, premiere date, and more.

Has The Series Been Renewed For Season 4?

Officially, Netflix has not yet renewed the series for season 4, but a page in the service catalog may indicate an early renewal. Even before the debut of the 3rd year, Netflix created a page for the 4th season.

This indicates that the series should win the fourth year. In addition, the plot left open at the end of the episodes indicates that the series should return.

Anyway, we need to wait for an official position from Netflix, which should happen in the coming days. Any changes, we will update this article.


Spoilers – What Can Happen In The New Episodes

The third season was a blast, taking the Byrde family to the extreme. The end of Ozark’s third season completely changed the show’s paradigm. With Helen challenging Marty and Wendy for control of Byrde Enterprises’ business, their boss Navarro made a fatal choice between his lawyer and the Byrdes. Meanwhile, Ruth severed her connection with the Byrdes and met with her cousin Wyatt, under the protection of Darlene, who relaunched her heroin operation. Finally, Jonah lost faith in his parents, especially in his mother, after Helen revealed the depth of Wendy’s actions against her uncle Ben.

That leaves the story open for the fourth season of Ozark, with Marty and Wendy now solely responsible for Navarro’s “legitimate” business in the U.S., Marty making a new enemy within the FBI, and Langmores and Snells joining the crowd of Kansas City – that everyone is opposed to the Byrdes. So far, Marty and Wendy have found ways to survive and even thrive in Osage Beach, but at a cost to the family. Ozark’s fourth season should make a life for the Byrdes even more difficult.

Premiere Date – When Will New Episodes Arrive On Netflix?

Ozark’s debut dates were never exactly linear. While the first season arrived in July 2017, the second year was made available in August 2018. The third season came more than a year and a half later, in mid-March 2020.

This is mainly due to the fact that Jason Bateman has a busy schedule. The actor recently debuted HBO’s The Outsider and is starring and directing a new film alongside Ryan Reynolds.

It all depends on when Netflix will officially confirm the renewal, and we expect the series to return in mid-July 2021.

The Cast

After the events of Ozark’s third season, fans can expect the entire Byrde family to return, including Jason Bateman as Marty, Laura Linney as Wendy, Sofia Hublitz as Charlotte, and Skylar Gaertner as Jonah. In addition, Julia Garner will also return as the irrepressible Ruth Langmore. Ozark’s three seasons had a significant body count and many auxiliary characters were killed, but all the main characters were due to return, as well as Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell and Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore.

The fourth season is likely to feature new faces as well. Similar to the 3rd year of the series, including Tom Pelphrey as Ben, the new year will likely introduce some new characters crucial to the Byrdes’ further imbalance in the crime empire and volatile family dynamics.

The Plot

Martin financial advisor “Marty” Byrde suddenly changes his family suburb of Naperville in Chicago for the summer resort community in Osage Beach, Missouri, after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, and he should make peace with a Mexican drug cartel. establishing a larger washing operation in the Ozarks. When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become involved with local criminals, including Langmores and Snells.

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