Features of Snapmaker 10W laser high power module

The Snapmaker 10W laser is a module that adds the ability to laser engrave or cut to Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D printers. The users of F250/F350 models need to choose the bundle of the Snapmaker 10W laser module and laser engraving and cutting platforms according to their machine model.

As a level 4 laser product, this Snapmaker laser module is equipped with the most cutting-edge laser beam splitters, effecting a power leap from 5W to 10W, meaning you can now play with a wider scope of materials and hammer out more projects.

It has a cutting speed of up to eight times that of the 1.6W laser module, and It’s work speed can be as high as 6000mm/min while cutting through basswood is as thick as 8mm. Literally, it can fulfill a laser job in a split of seconds.

Thanks to the triangulation technique, this Snapmaker laser module can measure the thickness of your material by obtaining a few sets of data on the camera and the light emitter. After that, it will adjust itself in Z orientation so that the focal point falls right on the material surface. So no more manual material measuring; place your material on the platform, and the module will do all the measuring work for you.

Another feature of the Snapmaker 10W laser module is the Fast-axis collimating (FAC) lenses embedded in the two laser diodes. With this feature, the module first compresses the laser spot of each laser diode. Then it combines the laser beams of the two laser diodes using the combining technology, resulting in higher output power and an ultra-fine laser focus (0.05mm * 0.2mm), which allows for higher energy density. Smaller laser focus and high power deliver high-quality laser works with impeccable details.

The Snapmaker 10W laser module has two separate blowing systems for its PCBA. First, it is a laser diode that ensures the diode is properly cooled off whenever you use it since prolonged exposure to high temperatures will reduce the lifespan of the laser diode. Under proper use, the lifespan can be as long as 8,000-10,000 hours. 

A gyro sensor has been included in the Snapmaker laser to protect the user and any bystanders. The sensor makes sure that no laser beam comes out if the module is incorrectly installed or deviates from its designated position. Also, its camera capture process has been upgraded; the wide-angle HD camera captures your material in one take and lets you get an instant preview in Luban of your laser job on the material; checking the work area is now completely hassle-free.

Like most Snapmaker models, the Snapmaker 10W laser module is compatible with Snapmaker Luban, allowing you to polish your basic skills and master more sophisticated tricks, from simple image transformation to setting the right parameters for varying materials and slicing 3D models into laser cut able vectors.

Last but not least, since Snapmaker 10W laser high-power module is a class 4 laser product, you are advised to operate it while it is covered with the Snapmaker enclosure.

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