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Flowing Locks with Minimal Effort The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge

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There are plenty of things that affect how our hair looks and feels. The products you use, your haircare routine, your haircut, and what you eat all matter. These factors are possible to control. What the beauty industry tends to gloss over is that genetics matter too. Hormones and genes also play a factor in whether your tresses tend to look like they’re straight out of a Disney film or closer to ‘granny’ from the Addams Family. Couple those with the cheap hair colour you used as a teenager or the hot irons you used without heat protection, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that even the best diet and hair care routine in the world can’t completely fix.

Thankfully, there are ways around what mother nature’s given you to get the gorgeous locks you’ve always dreamed of. 

The Beauty of Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions can solve your hair woes with very minimal effort. Apart from how glamorous they make you look, you’ll love how they make you feel. Technology has come a long way since the days of yore when having extensions could mean that you’d wake up with a lock of hair lying on your pillow after a night out or discolouration that made you look like you’d dyed your hair a weird colour of green. 

You can now get high quality real human hair extensions that match your own natural colour perfectly. And if you take care of them well, they’ll last for up to 14 months. 

Hair Extensions with the Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge

As the name suggests, the Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge is your go to place in Calgary to get the hair of your dreams. Started by Jamie Carson and Hillary Tran, both senior stylists and hair extension specialists with over a decade of experience each, you can be sure your crowning glory is in safe hands. 

The two stylists met while working together at another salon and realized that they had the same career goals and aspirations. Empowering women to feel great about their locks was the main reason behind starting the Ivy. “We specialize in clients with fine to thinning hair. We help women achieve the hair of their dreams with our custom extension installation technique that helps build fullness and length without damaging the natural hair,” Jamie says. 

The quality of and where the extensions come from matter too. “Hair quality is top priority for us, so we make sure we ethically source our hair from a distributor in China,” says Jamie. “ Opening our own business has given me the drive to keep moving forward and coming up with new ideas to make my business and lifestyle better,” she continues.

A full-service hair salon, the Ivy offers wefted extensions installed using only microbeads, so your extensions blend seamlessly into your natural hair with no damage. Whether you need your roots touched up, a full colour transformation or want to give your extensions a trim, the stylists at the Ivy can create the look you need. The Ivy also offers the right products from top hair care brands like Davines, Unite, and Amika so that you can look after your new hair properly. 

If you’re unsure about hair extensions and if they are right for you, the Ivy offers complimentary hair consultations so you understand what they have to offer. Browse the services offered here or get in touch to book your appointment and get ready to wow every room you walk into!

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